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Weather and climate in Alanya

Weather and climate in Alanya

Alanya is located on the coast of the Mediterranean. Due to this location, this region has an almost perfect climate, a typical hot-summer Mediterranean climate. This place will meet you with 300 sunny days a year. Warm and dry summers and mild winters make this place attractive all year round.

The best time to travel to Alanya

So, as it has been said above the summer in Alanya is dry and warm. The warmest months are July and August. The average temperature in these months is about 27 and 28°C. These months are also the driest and sunniest. And the average summer temperature of the sea in Alanya is about 27-28 degrees. May and September are quite warm (21, 25 °C) but have more rainy days. Actually, May is considered to be one of the most rainy months, it has about six rainy days and about 50 mm of precipitations. As you can see the best time for going to Turkey is between May and October when you can enjoy wonderful white sandy beaches, sunny weather and beautiful nature of this place. June, July and August are the most popular months. A lot of tourists prefer to go on holidays during this period. May, September and October will be perfect time for those who do not like crowded with tourists streets and beaches.

Winter in Alanya

The weather in Alanya in winter is generally mild but quite changeable. The average temperature in December is about 12 °C but sometimes it can be up to 17 or 19 °C. And it is one of the coldest months in Alanya with constant strong winds. There are about 20 sunny days in December. The rest 10-11 days there can be heavy rains. The weather in January in Alanya is almost the same as in December but the day becomes longer and there are 9 hours of daily sunshine in January. February in Alanya is rather cool too. The average temperature in February is 11°C. You may think that winter is not the best season to visit this place. But it is actually good time to do the things that in summer is too hot to do. For example, it gives you a great chance to explore the city and the surroundings.

Alanya is one of resorts which is worth visiting all year round. Whether in summer or in winter you will always find what to do. Don't miss the chance to spend holidays on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Contact our specialists and they will help to buy or to rent property in Alanya. We offer you real estate options for all tastes.

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