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Villas in Turkey with private pool: high-class housing in the Turkish Riviera

Buying a villa with a private pool in Turkey is a wise investment both in terms of financial efficiency and a great vacation spot. Here you will able to enjoy warm mild climate, sunny days by the sea, sea air and fresh fruits and vegetables almost all year round.

Private villas with pool in Turkey: choose the best location

Our company offers a great selection of exclusive villas across the Mediterranean. If you are dreaming of vacations in the atmosphere of tranquility, then we can offer you housing in Kargicak or in Oba. If you are interested in both calm vacations and explore the city, then Alanya and its center is what you need. You can also choose whether your villa will be in a walking distance from the sea or it will be in the mountains, where you will be able to enjoy magnificent sense of the picturesque views.

Villas with private pools for sale in Turkey: prices

The price of any property depends on two main factors: its location and layout. Turkish villas with private pools are not an exception.

You can find cheap villas in Turkey with private pools in special complexes consisted of 8-10 villas. They are not very big and may have some common facilities like a gym, a playground and etc. That will be a good option for having holidays with your family. You can find such complexes within cities and their suburbs.

If you want something more spacious and exclusive, then your choice is luxury villas with separate pools located in the mountains or on the first line. Not everyone can afford such housing.

Invest in your future buying private villas in Turkey with Multivilla

Buying this type of housing can be a great investment for you. And Multivilla is ready to help you to make this investment. We offer you modern private houses in Turkey with best possible location that you will be able to resell in the future gaining profit from the difference in price. The price of Turkish property is growing constantly thanks to a high demand. If you do not want to resell it, then there is an option of renting it out. That will give an opportunity to receive regular income on one side. And on the other side, you will be able to spend your holidays with family and friends in your own house with private pool in Turkey.

Our company will help you to buy a villa with pool in Turkey. Besides, we will help you to resell or rent it out. Contact us today for more details.