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Why is it better to buy an apartment in Alanya in winter?

Why is it better to buy an apartment in Alanya in winter?

Is there any seasonality in the Turkish real estate market? It is true indeed if we speak about holiday housing rentals. However, when buying an apartment in Turkey in winter you can find cheaper options and get a lot of useful information about living in this country.

If you go for the apartment in winter:

  • you will see the real condition of the housing — it is rather rainy in Turkey in winter and it means that there can be leakages and other defects;
  • you will learn how locals and fellow countrymen coming for permanent residence to Turkey live there. Winter is a low season for resorts and there are not so many resort facilities so you can see everyday life in its true colours;
  • you don't come under the influence of local intermediaries. They are very active in summer and strive to make a contract sidestepping real estate agents;
  • you can save money on buying furniture and other household items, as there are a lot of sales in Turkey in winter.

Contact Multivilla. In addition to housing, we will arrange a sightseeing tour and provide any help before and after the transaction.

What has become of the EXPO 2016?

In six months the EXPO 2016 was visited by 4.5 million of people. The Turkish Government spent 1.5 billion TL on this botanical exhibition: construction of the complex and organization of the event itself. Now the exhibition is over but it still requires some maintenance expenses like monthly utility bills, cleaning, gardening, security. These expenses are borne by the Ministry of Agriculture that is responsible for the exhibition now. To cover expenses, the exhibition hasn't been closed and now is available as Antalya Central Park and in the future the opportunity for the cost-sharing of private companies will be considered. It is well known that the exhibition is available until the end of December 2016. There is also a chance that it will be open in 2017.

Besides Antalya Central Park, tourists and locals will be able to visit ski resorts and other various tourist spots and picturesque parks.

Why is it important to insure your Turkish property?

One of the most important points of having property in Turkey is to insure it. If you have experience in real estate insurance, you should know that you can expect insurance payments only in case of the risks that are mentioned in the contract and occurred not through your fault. This fact is to be established by the insurance company staff.

Voluntary standard contracts include 15 risks: fire, accidents, thefts, furniture damage, breakdown of household appliances and etc. And compulsory insurance includes only protection from natural disasters.

As a rule, the contract is valid for one year and it usually indicates the amount of insurance coverage in each case. The insurance premium depends on the size and location of the property and the cost of stuff in that property. Very often it varies from 150 to 300 TL.

How will Alanya change in the coming years?

Year by year Alanya is being transformed: the infrastructure is being developed, new parks and fully equipped children's playgrounds are opened. All this is done for the convenience of locals and tourists who also rent apartments in Alanya.

And local authorities are going to continue improving the infrastructure. Now it is time to construct a ring road. The idea of this road was discussed for a long time, and only a few days ago the regional center approved the changes in the general plan. The road will go through Kestel and Mahmutlar closer to mountains than the sea. The new road will help to make the major route less busy. It means that drivers will feel more confident and free on the road and for tourists it will be safer and easier to get to the beach through which the federal highway runs now.

Famous Turkish flatbread is included into UNESCO Intangible Heritage List

Traditional Turkish flatbread was added to the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List during the eleventh official meeting. This fact allowed Turkey to enter the top-10 countries with largest number of items on this list.

During the meeting which was held in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, Turkey presented one national and two multi-national files. One of the multinational files was the “culture of making and sharing flatbread: lavash, katyrma, jupka or yufka”.

According to the UNESCO website, the culture of making and sharing flatbread carries social functions that have enabled it to continue as a widely-practiced tradition.

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