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What should you know about renting property in Turkey?

What should you know about renting property in Turkey?

Property in Turkey which locals as well as foreigners can rent is always in high demand. Let's take a look at long-term rentals from a legal standpoint. What are peculiarities of renting housing in Turkey, and what should you be aware if you choose this housing option?

First of all, you should sign an agreement with a lessor. It will help you if any disputes occur. Usually a lease agreement contains detailed information from lease terms to furniture's damages. All expenses which occur during making an agreement should be paid by both parties.


Lease term

A lease term can vary. If a lessor doesn't inform a tenant about ending of tenancy in 15 days before the lease term ends, the agreement will be extended for another term. If a tenant does not leave housing in time, he or she will have to pay fines.

Rental payments

Rental payments should be specified before signing an agreement. And if a lessor wants to increase the rent (not more than 20% per year), it should be mentioned in the agreement. For example, in case of multi-year rent, the payments will be indicated for each year. And if any disputes about payments arise, then the lessor may apply to the court to assess rental price. The rent should be paid in advance with a return deposit. The guarantee of payment is a senet - a promissory note for a month. The number of senets is the same as the number of months. Besides accommodation, sometimes and only if agreed with owner rent includes utility costs, buying of new appliances (TV set, radio, etc), repairs but.

Other points

If you rent a house with a garden, then make an arrangement about using this garden for your needs.

Make a list of furniture, appliances, dishes and other stuff and their state to estimate the further reasonable wear.

Specialists of Multivilla will give you more detailed information on renting property in Turkey.

Three promising projects will have been completed by the end of 2016

The second half of 2016 will be rather eventful. It is expected that three promising road construction projects will be completed in Turkey.

The first project will be the Osmangazi Bridge. It will be put into service on June 30. Recently the President of the country, the Prime Minister, and the Minister of Transport took part in the official ceremony of setting the last plate of the suspension bridge. This bridge stretches across the Izmit Bay and its length is 20 kilometers. This is a part of the Istanbul-Izmir road which is planned to put into service in 2018.

It is also expected that on August 26 the TheYavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be available for car traffic. The bridge will connect the access road to the Ataturk and SabihaGokcen Airports and the Istanbul metro.

Eurasia Tunnel or Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing linking Asia and Europe will start its functioningon December 20.

The development of the road infrastructure increases the demand for property in Turkey for sale and for rent to foreigners.

Is it worth buying a luxury house in Turkey?

Luxury property in Turkey is a high-class villa of about 400 sq.m. As a rule, luxury villas have spacious adjoining area where you can find a pool, a parking lot, a playground, and a recreation area. Usually such houses have an exclusive design.

It is rather easy to buy a villa in Turkey, if you know some peculiarities of this part of the Turkish real estate market.

You can find this type of property in resorts, for example in Antalya.

How to make a luxury villa purchase a pleasure and not to regret about your choice? Pay attention to the first impression that a villa makes: it can be your second home, so you should feel absolutely comfortable.

It will be better if you study the situation on the luxury property market - prices, housing features, location, interior. It will help you to formulate your requirements more clearly and compare different options.

Despite a wide villa price range, value for money of Turkish luxury property is considered to be the best one. The price depends on various factors. For example, in the resort areas one of the most important factors is proximity to the sea. Foreign investors are always welcome buyers in Turkey, therefore local administrations create comfortable conditions for buying housing and banks offer mortgage loans at rather favourable conditions.

The International Jazz Festival will be held in Istanbul for the 23rd time

The 23rdInternational Jazz Festival started on June 27 in the Istanbul Cultural and Arts Centre. This is one of the Istanbul concert halls which will host the best jazzmen from different counties within a month. The festival will end on July 25. During this time fans of jazz music will be able to attend more than 50 outdoor and indoor concerts.

Representatives of different countries and nationalities are among the participants. This year you will be able to attend incredible shows of the Syrian national orchestra with Damon Albarn, Nile Rodgers and his band, trumpeter Nicholas Payton, a legendary Turkish jazzman ÖzdemirErdoğan, and many others.








Turquoise card will simplify the process of employment for foreigners in Turkey

A turquoise card is a new document that is aimed at simplifying the process of employment of foreign specialists. The turquoise card will replace a work permit. There is already a set of requirements needed to get this card. They include a language requirement, education, professional qualification, work experience. For each requirement you will get points. You will be able to get the turquoise card when you have a certain number of points.

Besides, foreigners who decided to move to Turkey may get this card. A card holder can take his or her family to Turkey. In addition, this person will have the same rights as residents of the Turkish Republic except the right to vote and perform military service.

Amendments to the Employment Act entailed other changes concerning short-term permits. Now a work permit is available for foreigners willing to work in Turkey, trainees.

The only department which will issue turquoise cards will be the Ministry of Labour.

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