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What should you know about buying housing in Turkey?

What should you know about buying housing in Turkey?

Buying an apartment by the sea in Turkey is a great achievement and profitable investment. But we still recommend you to make an informed choice which will suit your demands. So you should know the following details on buying property in Turkey.

  1. Price. You definitely should not buy an old cheap dwelling. It will be rather difficult to resell it if you want and its price will not grow so fast as for a new dwelling. We also do not recommend you to buy such housing for yourself because it doesn't have facilities which modern residences can offer you (high-quality materials, new technologies, functionality). Don't have enough money? Buy an under-construction house from a developer, pay in installments, or get a mortgage loan.
  2. Layout. Pay attention to the property description. For example, a 2+1 villa. The first figure is a number of bedrooms and the second is a number of additional rooms. Most modern apartments have an American-style kitchen combined with a living room.
  3. Location. This is the most important point on which the property cost depends. An apartment in the complex on the first line will cost more. And there are many hotels, cafes and restaurants, bars and night clubs in such area which means a lot of noise even at night.
  4. Aydat. This is a sum of money that you must pay monthly for your property maintenance. The sum also depends on the additional facilities of the residential complex (pools, gyms, playgrounds, sauna, spa, etc). We recommend you to specify this information in advance.

Tourism and Art Festival will take place in Alanya at the end of May

The Alanya Tourism and Art Festival will be held for the sixteenth time. That will be an international festival as always. Representatives of Alanya twin cities will take part in this festival. The festival will be held for three days, between 28 and 30 May. This year the theme of the festival is local architecture and Alanya cuisine.

Among the events dedicated to the local architecture and its reconstruction and preservation, the city municipality holds a selfie contest which is called "the historical building of Alanya". The basic requirement for photographs is that a local historical building must be in the photo. It can be a house or a villa in Alanya. Winners will be announced on May 25.

Festival visitors will be able to taste delicious dishes of the national cuisine as well.





Business in Turkey: what to start with?

As it is known, the Turkish government attracts foreign direct investments. The businesses which foreigners launch in Turkey according to the Foreign Direct Investment Law no. 4875 provide the flow of these investments. According to this law, foreign businessmen can open several forms of business. If their business is not connected to finance and brokering, then foreigners usually open limited liability companies.

Registration features of such companies:

  1. The minimum capital is 10000 TL. 2500 TL must be deposited within three months after the registration.
  2. A company can be found either by individuals or entities. Their number can be from two to fifty.
  3. It is possible to register a company by power of attorney. According to the rules, all founders must be at the registration procedure. A foreign founder must have a valid foreign passport, eight photos in color (30x40 mm), notarized copies of residence and work permit.
  4. You must get a taxpayer identification number, a notarized company charter and its translation, a seal, letters of attorney, and other papers. You should also open a bank account, register in the local administration and subscribe to the pension fund, and pay taxes.
  5. Preliminary registration will take up to seven days and the final one - about a month. The company will be valid after its publishing in the Official Gazette. The company will be able to launch its business ten days after getting a seal.

Property rentals in Turkey: perfect vacations

Renting property by the sea is an affordable and very popular type of vacations in Turkey, especially on the Mediterranean coast. Here you will find absolutely everything for budget vacations: picturesque nature, comfortable climate.

People who prefer to choose entertainments, plan their time on their own and spend money wisely usually rent housing.

So why do they prefer renting?

  1. Great choice of property (from studios to luxury villas). It is not the same as to choose a room in a hotel. Homishness, all modern facilities let you feel at home.
  2. Low price. You pay only for accommodation. When you rent an apartment or a villa you can stay there with your friends or relatives. And it will be even cheaper.
  3. Various menus. Of course, five-star hotels provide a wide choice of dishes. But even so, this choice is rather limited. Another matter is when you cook food by yourself: you can buy cheap vegetables and fruits in a local market and cook your favorite food. You can also try new dishes in local cafes and restaurants.
  4. Independent time management. Your staying at a hotel is usually limited by its territory and entertainment that it offers. And when you stay in an apartment or a villa you can feel as a part of a city. You can learn people and traditions of this hospitable country.
  5. Environment. To meet new people in a resort town is very easy but to stay in a quiet place is rather difficult. Rented housing will let you hide from noisy tourists.

Coastal road, pool, water park - Gazipasa is getting ready to meet guests

Some years ago only few foreign tourists knew about Gazipasa. This Alanya area has been traditionally considered to be a small piece of paradise with pomegranate trees along the sea shore and the cleanest place of the Mediterranean.

The tourism development started with a construction of the airport in 2011 which has now international flights. Later a construction of a harbor for 206 yachts was begun.

A large project on construction of a by-pass road will free the city and neighboring towns from transit cars leaving the city for tourists. This project will add new facilities. It is planned to construct a large pool and a water park in the nearest future. However, Gazipasa is developing very fast, you can still rent a cheap apartment in Turkey by the sea.

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