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What property do foreigners prefer to buy in Turkey?

What property do foreigners prefer to buy in Turkey?

Foreign residents buy real estate in Turkey very actively. Since the beginning of 2016 more than 10 thousand foreigners became the owners of Turkish housing. And what type of property do they prefer to buy?

According to the statistics, foreign residents usually purchase small apartments (1+1, 2+1) in the hotel-like complexes. The reason is that such property is not very expensive and very popular among tenants. Buying a small apartment, you can get a rather good profit from renting it out. Facilities of a residential complex are always almost the same as in a hotel offering absolutely everything for comfortable stay.

The second most popular housing type is penthouses. People usually buy them for big families. The main advantage of such apartments is a two-floor zoning. The number of villas sold to foreigners in Turkey is rather small because of high prices. They are usually popular among those who are looking for quietness and solitude. These villas are very often located far from the sea.

As for housing location that foreigners choose, these are usually coastal areas. And this is rather understandable, most foreigners consider Turkey as a great beach holiday destination. And if you decide to buy an apartment for yourself or for renting out, proximity to the sea is very important.


Changes in the Turkish labour legislation will affect new parents

Turkey's Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs took care of young parents by making some changes in the labour law concerning maternity leaves. The innovations relate to couples where both spouses work. Now they have a right to work only half a day. The period depends on the number of children.

For example, if you have one baby, the period is 60 days, two babies - 120 days and if you have three and more babies, this period is 180 days. Each of parents can use this right at any time until the child starts going to school. To get this right a parent should apply to the employer. The application should be accepted within a month. Employees keep their posts and they are paid by the number of hours they work. The employee has a right to get back to the normal work schedule at any time.

New parents who have property in Antalya will get one more benefit. This benefit is construction of the first eco kindergarten. The next spring it will be already available for 200 children from 1 to 6 years old. The peculiarity of this kindergarten will be a small farm with animals which children will take care of. The kindergarten will have a specially equipped area with artificial turf, a mini cinema, rooms for workshops and a medical facility.


The first up-side down house has attracted 30 000 tourists since January

Built in 2 years, the up-side house became a tourist attraction spot in Antalya. This is the first up-side down house in Turkey and the thirteenth in the world. This year it has already attracted 30 000 visitors.

The visitors of this unique house may feel dizzy at first because of the 25-degree angle of the house. This house is especially popular among bridal couples because when they turn their pictures taken inside the house 180 degrees, they can see themselves hung upside-down from the ceiling.

According to Kaan Karahan, the chief executive, the number of tourists visited the house is more than expected. And he expects that this number will double next year.


Istanbul Archaeology Museums celebrate 125-year anniversary

The Istanbul Archaeology Museums houses numerous artifacts from various periods of history. And this year it is celebrating its 125-year anniversary.

Located in the Sultanahmet neighborhood and connecting Gulhane Park with Topkapi Palace, the museum was founded by archaeologist and art expert Osman Hamdi Bey. Today the museum hosts the world’s most important artifacts. The tomb of Alexander the Great and the Kadesh Treaty are one of them.

Here the visitors have a chance to track cultural processes as this museum is home for various artifacts from the whole Ottoman Region. That was probably the first museum in the Ottoman Empire which featured artifacts from the whole Ottoman region. Today its collection continues to grow with artifacts that have been found recently.


New biometric passports will be introduced in Turkey on January, 2017

The adoption of new biometric passports (there are already 4 million passports have been prepared) make Turkey closer to the EU. Turkey's desire to enter the European Union and get a visa free regime with the Schengen countries is still strong but the country has to meet 72 criteria. Adoption of new passports is one of those steps to reach the goal.

The way the new passport looks hasn’t been changed, there is only a new special symbol that can be seen on the first and last pages. The innovation concerns all types of passports: special (green), service or official (grey), diplomatic passport (black) ones. Foreigners who bought property in Turkey and want to get Turkish citizenship will also obtain biometric passports. It is still unknown how much new passports will cost. Perhaps, the price won't change and will be 87 TL. People will be able to exchange old passports for free, in any other cases you will have to pay.

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