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What is the situation on the Turkish real estate market in April?

What is the situation on the Turkish real estate market in April?

What is happening in the Turkish real estate market? The Turkish Institute of Statistics submitted a new report. This report is about Turkish property sold in April.

In general, the statistics shows the decrease of sales. The number of sold properties has decreased by 10,9% comparing with the previous month. However, it exceeded the level of one hundred thousand. So 106 348 property housing items were sold in Turkey in April.

Despite interest rates and favourable mortgage conditions, only one third of buyers used bank resources for buying housing. 33 429 properties were bought using bank funds. The rest of the deals were made by the personal savings and other means. The number of sold new housing is bigger than secondary housing. So people bought 46 908 new properties. That is 44% of total sales.

As for foreigners, the total sales number reached 1581 houses. Almost the same amount of property was sold in March. The most popular is still Istambul. The number of housing items sold to the foreigners is 540. The second popular area is Antalya with 360 sold properties.

Large summer discounts in Antalya

This summer will be a hot time for shopping in Antalya. Great shopping days started on June 1. High discounts will be available two months and a half, until August 16. Actually, these discounts are not something special. Usually there are a lot of shopping festivals during spring and summer in Turkey. This year in order not to divert attention from EXPO-2016 which takes place during the period between April and October, the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry decided to arrange summer shopping days.

There are plenty of special offers in the Antalya shopping centers. You can even buy production of leading brands at a deep discount. Want to save more? Visit Antalya: property rentals in Antalya is a cheap accommodation option. Besides attractive prices, there will be various contests, special offers and bonuses. Everyone has a chance to become a winner. To take part in the lottery, you just need to make a purchase at the amount over 25 liras. It is said that the prizes will be seven cars, bicycles, computers, audio and video equipment.

What should you know about taxes in Turkey?

Going to Turkey as a tourist, you probably do not think about paying taxes. As soon as you become a property owner in Turkey, you will have to pay taxes. What are the taxes, their size? And what tax regimes are there in Turkey?

Properties, vehicles, right of inheritance are included in the estate tax category. Each of them has its own size and due date. For example, the property tax is rather small. It varies from 0.1% to 0.6%.

The other two expenditure and income taxes are related to commercial activity. Expenditure taxes include VAT, banking and insurance activities, consumer credits, and state duty.

If you want to run a business, pay special attention to a personal income tax. It should be paid for residents as well as non-residents. You will have to pay from 15% to 35% from the annual revenue.

How much does electricity cost in Turkey?

Electricity is one of the main energy sources we need in the household. How much do Turks pay for 1 kWh? Do tourists who rent a house in Turkey pay for electricity? And what is the electricity price comparing with other countries?

Comparing with other European countries, the Turkish prices on electricity are one of the lowest, from €3 to €13 for 100 kW, depending on time of a day. The prices are lower only in Bulgaria and Hungary. They are €9.6 and €11.5 for 100 kW respectively.

The highest electricity cost in Europe is in Denmark. Danes pay €30.4 for 100 kW. As for rent in Turkey, electricity can be included in rent by agreement with the lender.

Why is it worth buying property in Avsallar?

All types of property are presented in the Avsallar real estate market, from apartments to villas. All modern buildings in this area are of premium class, which means future-proof investments in Turkish property.

What are advantages of this resort?

First of all, it is the nature. The resort is surrounded by the pine forests with pure and fresh air, which becomes more healing due to combination of sea evaporation and pines. The famous Incekum beach is located here. All these attract families with children, older people and tourists willing to improve their health.

Another advantage of Avsallar is its location and transport accessibility. The town is situated between Antalya and Alanya. You can get to it by a highway which connects these two cities. Both airports, in Antalya and Gazipasa, are within a 1.5 hour distance by car.

And finally, all properties in Avsallar are presented by modern residential complexes, which are being actively constructed. Here you can buy any type of apartments, including luxury penthouses. Villas are usually constructed in special complexes with a common guarded area and various facilities. Besides new buildings, you can buy secondary housing. However, the prices of both types will be rather affordable.

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