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Turkish housing: growth of prices up to 15.3%

Turkish housing: growth of prices up to 15.3%

Turkey's property is in a great demand among foreigners, not only as an overseas house for beach holidays, but as a profitable investment as well. And it is a high time to buy a house in Turkey: the growth rate of prices has decreased, but Turkey is still one of the world market leaders.

Knight Frank announced a regular quarterly analytical report on property prices in different countries for the first quarter of 2016. The top-3 countries remained the same: Turkey saved its first place, and Sweden left behind New Zealand. According to the result of the first three months of the year, the growth rate of property prices in Turkey slowed down by 3.1% and became 15.3%. Experts believe that it is a temporary phenomenon and current conditions are rather profitable for buying property.

The most expensive city in Turkey is traditionally Istanbul. The prices increased up to 25% there. The top-3 cities where the housing is rapidly increasing in price includes Izmir (16.5%) and Ankara (12.4).

The data above refer to new houses, as for the secondary housing, there is a calm period. However, it is expected a growth of sales in this area which the reduction of a mortgage rate (below 1%) will cause.

Does ferry connection have any future after construction of the third bridge over the Bosporus?

The Osmangazi Bridge, the construction of which was completed in March 2016, became the third bridge over the strait of Boshorus in Istanbul. A couple of months after the bridge had been launched, the ferry men began to observe the decrease of passenger flow.

The loss of passengers and as the result of an income forced the management of the Istanbul ferries to improve the advertising campaigns in order to save this direction. As stimulating measures it was offered to provide free lunches on the board of ferries. It is also planned that the state-of-the-art ferries will have seats of Deluxe category.

There is also a possibility that a new excursion ferry route will be launched. Do not miss a chance to buy or rent an apartment in Turkey by the sea, so you will be able to explore the city.

The Turkish Ministry of Finance offered new regulations of property renting

Information accessibility, a wide selection of properties, rather cheap rentals, a chance to manage your holiday on your own - all these are conditions that stimulate rentals popularity. It became so popular to rent an apartment in Turkey by the sea that the Ministry of Finance decided to elaborate a new set of property rental regulations.

These new regulations set property renting equal to hotel business. First of all, this fact affects the property owners. All lessors will be controlled by the police and rental ads posted in the Internet and other mass media will be thoroughly monitored.

Besides, if property owners want to rent their housing out, they will have to pay a tax. And in case of tax evasion, they will have to pay a large fine. The income tax will be 15% if the size of annual income is between 3600 TL and 12000 TL. The mandatory requirement is to declare income.

Tenants will have to fill in the resident form specifying their personal data.

New transfer route to an orthodox church in Mahmutlar was launched

A bus with an "Orthodox Cultural Center" plate will take parishioners to worship in the Orthodox Cultural Center of our Lady of Sorrows "Pisidia" in Mahmutlar four times a week from July 17.

The route and schedule are strictly regulated. The bus will run from Alanya to Mahmutlar on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday in the evening and on Sunday in the morning. Buses to the Center leave at 16.00 and 7.30, and they come back at 19.00 and 12.00.

The route starts at the Ataturk monument, then there is a stop in Tosmur in front of the Dimcai River and in Mahmutlar (near the clock).

You can use the transfer only if you have a monthly ticket. It costs 25 TL. This price includes one trip to the St. George Cathedral in Alanya. Otherwise, you will have to pay 6 TL for each trip. Children up to 18 years old can use the transfer for free.

Coffee Carnaval will be held in Ankara

Turkish coffee is popular all over the world. Not incidentally, Turkish coffee was added to the list of the UNESCO Intangible Heritage. So Turkey is probably a perfect place to host the coffee festival! This year it will be the third coffee festival called the Coffee Carnaval. It will take place in Ankara on September 24-25.

This event attracts a lot of people. This year coffee growers and distributors, baristas and simply coffee lovers will represent 26 countries at the festival.

Within two days, visitors will be able to attend an exhibition of coffee cups and handmade cezves, learn how to make coffee of high quality, enjoy various shows and performances of dance and music groups.

Plan to visit the festival. You will have a unique chance to combine a beach holiday with this festival and learn new things. You just need to rent a flat in Turkey and visit its capital.

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