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Turkey is a favourite among Russians, as before.

Turkey is a favourite among Russians, as before.

The number of requests for vacation in travel agencies has increased dramatically after the lifting of the bans on sale of tours to Turkey. Russians still prefer affordable and quality holidays in Turkey as the vacation on the Russian and Abkhazian resorts, as it turns out, is much more expensive and less attractive. There is not left places for accommodation in a good level hotels, but if there is, then the price is several times higher than in the similar hotels in Turkey. None of the hotels in Sochi or Crimea may provide the same level of service as it is in Turkey and there are no clean, equipped beaches like in Turkey. Undoubtedly, the Crimea, Abkhazia, and the Krasnodar Territory resorts have a lot of beautiful locations, but there is no well-developed infrastructure for tourism. In addition, after resumption of charter flights today, there are no problems how to get on the Turkish coast.

Many Russian citizens prefer to rest in Turkey on the principle of “all inclusive”, because none of the Russian and Abkhazian hotels may offer all the abundance of food and drink as the Turkish hotels.

Also, one of the factors of a choice of the Turkish holidays is the common desire to change the environment. Russians prefer to plunge into the holiday atmosphere of friendly east, enjoy a rich Turkish cuisine and enjoy with incomparable flair.

Thus, Turkey is still and shall stay for a long time a serious competitor to the Russian and Abkhazian resorts as regarding to providing quality service and price/quality ratio.

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