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Turkey has the highest property price growth rates

Turkey has the highest property price growth rates

At the beginning of March Knight Frank, the international consulting company, published a report on the property prices in different countries in 2015. The report is a rating of countries with the highest growth rates of the real estate prices. It includes 55 countries. Turkey became the leading country showing the highest growth rates. So those people who decided to buy property in Turkey at the end of the year had to pay 18% more than at the beginning of the year. The experts named the rapid population growth as a positive indicator of the real estate market development. This factor was mentioned in the report which was announced on March.


The second place of the rating went to New Zealand. The price growth in this country was 14.2%. However, according to the housing affordability index, the growth rate in New Zealand is higher comparing with the income growth.

Sweden became the third country in this rating. Housing costs increased by 12.3% in this country in 2015. Australia, Luxembourg, Iceland, Estonia, Colombia, Hong Kong, and Mexico are also among the leading countries.

12 countries showed the negative growth. Ukraine closed the rating. The property prices in this country decreased by 12% last year.

All Turkish residents will receive new kimlik in two years

An issue of new universal identification cards to the citizens of Turkey was launched in March. It is almost the same kimlik but with a new design. It will be also used as a driving license. These changes were caused by the fact that Turkey is going to enter the EU, therefore it has to comply with the EU legislation.

New kimlik looks like a bank card. This plastic card with a chip is made of high-strength material and it is protected chemically, visually and electronically. The chip contains biometric data stored in the national database. And there is no information on the religious denomination of a person.

A new document costs 8 liras and if you need to change any information you will have to pay 15 liras. It is planned to change all identification cards by 2018.

New park in Mahmutlar

The municipality of Alanya continues to improve the social facilities in the region. One of the improvements became a new modern park with 5500 m2 area which is close to Menderes boulevard in Mahmutlar. The park is a specially equipped place for people with disabilities. Both children and adults will feel comfortable here. Children will enjoy playgrounds with swings, rides, and even climbing walls. Adults can exercise on fitness machines, walk across the recreation area where use the automatic machines for charching the wheelchair accumulators. It is also planned to open a cafe here and a "cats' house", where you will be able to play with cats and feed them.

Coin collectors from all over the world will gather in Turkey in April

Within three days, April 15-17, coin collectors from different countries will take part in the international coin exhibition, Abullionaire-2016 Istanbul. Such event will take place in Turkey for the first time. The organizer of the exhibition is Ahmed Sandikci, the owner of the collectible currency business in the USA.

According to the organizers, the exhibition will attract a lot of participants and visitors. It is expected that about 400 exhibitors from 20 countries will take part in it. They will present the historical coins of different countries and epochs, jewels, and antique items. For example, visitors will be able to see rare coins, which price can be more than millions of dollars, as well as the coins of the Knights Templar.

Foreigners are still interested in buying property in Alanya

The Cadastral Management of Alanya presented the statistics on property purchases in Alanya in January 2016. And it shows that Alanya still attracts a lot of foreigners.

According to the statistics, 290 foreigners bought real estate in Alanya in January 2016. The residents of Russia, Germany, Ukraine, The UK, Sweden, Kazakhstan are among the buyers.

The Mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yucel, explains the popularity of this property destination by the fact that Alanya is happy to meet guests from different countries no matter of what nation or religion they are.

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