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Turkey and Russia have stand on the way of previous relationships

Turkey and Russia have stand on the way of previous relationships

Turkey and Russia have stand on the way of previous relationships. “Russia puts as a priority cooperation with Turkey at the pre-crisis level, which will gradually abolish restrictions on Turkish companies”, Putin said at a meeting, and kept his word.

When Ankara has provided evidence of security of the Russian citizens staying on the territory of the Turkish Republic all the restrictions on air traffic were called off and, moreover, increase in the number of charter flights is observed, which results in increase in the flow of Russian tourists and even exceeds the level of the autumn index of the previous year.

Another great news is that Russians and Ukrainians who came to love holidays in one of the most popular and most beautiful cities of Alanya, Turkey, have an opportunity next year to fly directly to the airport “Gazipaşa”. It was mentioned at a meeting organized by the Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation. The meeting was attended by the Marketing Coordinator Mr. Serkan Karahatya, the Mayor Mr. Adem Murat Yücel and the CEO of the Aneks Tour Mr. Vural Karasu. The Mayor Mr. Yücel stated that development of this area is certainly a big advantage for Alanya, and the CEO of travel agency assured that planes from Russia and Ukraine will land in the Gazipaşa Airport next year.

One evidence of the high level of security within the territory of the State indicates the success of the largest world exhibition EXPO 2016 in Antalya, which was attended by the people from all over the world.

In addition, cooperation between the two countries is not confined to the tourism sector, but also revealed in other industries, too. For example, Russia called off the ban on the import of Turkish fruits and Russians will be able to see again all the favourite oranges, tangerines and bananas on the shelves, and Turkish builders will be able again to work in Russia, as well as the works on the project “Turkish Stream” and the construction of a nuclear power plant “Akkuyu” are renewed.

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