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Top 5 News of Turkey for the last week

Top 5 News of Turkey for the last week

Here are the most interesting news of the last week in Turkey.

1. Turkey won three National Geographic Traveler Awards 2015

This year Turkey took two first places and one second place in several nominations of National Geographic Traveler Awards. The magazine National Geographic Traveler awarded the nominees following the results of the voting that had been carried out among the tourists between June 29 and October 15. The tourists could vote on the official website of the magazine.

The nominations were the best vacations with excursions, the best beach vacations, the best ecotourism, the best internet service and others. So, Turkey won the prizes in the following nominations:

  • the best foreign airline (Turkish Airlines);
  • the city worth visiting again (Istanbul);
  • the best vacations with excursions.

2. Stray animals of Alanya will have a shelter

To have a pet is a big responsibility. In Alanya the municipality is responsible for taking care of stray animals. A new center for stray animals has been under construction in Demirtas since this summer. The area of the center is 24 thousand meters with five buildings designed specially for keeping the animals and taking medical care.

Two blocks for dogs and one block for cats have already been constructed. Moreover, there is a quarantine point, examination rooms, an operating room, newborn intensive care units, a food block and rooms for feedstuffs storage.

According to the Mayor of the city, the animal sanctuary will be opened in the nearest future.

3. Turkey and Greece will be connected with a new railway and a ferry route

The Prime Ministers of Turkey and Greece Ahmet Davutoğlu and Alexis Tsipras spoke about the development of the transport connection at the meeting. The politicians think that the improvement of the transport connection will help to develop tourism and to implement international economical and cultural projects. Furthermore, the locals and tourists who prefer to rent a property in Turkey will be able to visit both countries during their holidays. There will be a sea and a land connection. The railway will connect Istanbul and Thessaloniki and the ferry route is going to connect Thessaloniki and Izmir.

4. A new diving center will be opened in Turkey

Maltepe administration has decided to organize a diving center on “the lost island”. They think that this place is perfect for excursions. The Vordonisi Island was famous for its monastery which had been built by Patriarch Phoptius. But in 1010 there was a terrible earthquake and as the result the monastery was destroyed and the island sunk under the water. Now you can see only the rocks of the island 700 meters away from the Maltepe coast.

Modern archeologists say that there is a lot of things to explore on the island and the only way to do is diving.

5. Don't miss the chance to visit Dosso Dossi and to buy the latest trendy clothes

Dosso Dossi Fashion Show is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. A great fashionable event will take place in Antalya between December 16 and 21. This event combines business and entertainment.

About one hundred best Turkish brands will perform their latest collections spring-summer 2016. Moreover, there will be an anniversary lottery. The winners will get Mercedes C108, 10 iPhones 6 and 10 iPads Air and certificates for 10-day stay in Mardan Hotels.


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