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Top-5 news of Alanya and Turkey

Top-5 news of Alanya and Turkey

The Turkish exposition became the best at the tourism exhibition in the USA

“The New York Times Travel Show 2016” is an annual international tourism exhibition which takes place in New York. This time the biggest exhibition in North America took part at the beginning of the year between 8 and 10 January. About 550 tour operators from 150 countries took part in this exhibition.

Turkey also presented its exhibition stand. The Turkish leading tour operators with the “Turkey is your home” slogan offered Spa holidays, health and excursion tourism services. The Turkish hoteliers presented different kinds of accommodation: from simple to luxury hotels with Ultra all inclusive system for summer and winter holidays.

The Turkish exposition enjoyed popularity among American tour operators and won the best exposition award.

A funicular will be constructed in Alanya

The idea of construction a funicular appeared several years ago. And at that time, the preparation works were made. However, the project remained unfinished because the construction plan was not approved by the Regional Council of Antalya. And a new year started with good news: the cableway project was accepted by the Council. This news was announced by the mayor of Alanya. Now the plan of the project needs to be approved by the Council of Ministers of Turkey.

If the project passes through this stage successfully, the cableway will connect Damlatash and Ehmedek. The Ehmedek fortress and the Damlatash cave are one of the most popular sights of Alanya and they attract a lot of tourists. And the funicular will help to shorten the travel time and to unclog the road which leads to these attractions.

An alpine ski center, a highway and a ring road – three great projects of Alanya in 2016 In 2016 Alanya will experience a real construction boom. Three new big projects will being realized in the city. They are very important for the tourism development in this region, especially for winter tourism.

One of these projects is an alpine ski center on Akdag mountain where you will be able to enjoy winter sports. This idea was born 17 years ago but still wasn't approved by the Minister of Environmental protection and the General Directorate of National Parks. It is planned that the road will be reconstructed and the ski slopes will be prolonged.

The other projects are connected with road construction. One highway will connect Alanya with Antalya and another will bypass the city connecting the districts of the city and unclog the main road.

65 000 foreigners got a work permit in Turkey

According to the Minister of labour and social protection of Turkey, 64 833 foreigners received a work permit in 2015. The growth rate in comparison with the previous year is 124 percent. The previous years the growth rate was only about 30 percent. So, what is the reason? The reason is the state policy towards the foreigners: for the last few years a lot of changes in laws took place. The changes simplified the process of buying a property in Turkey and getting a residence permit. As for the employment, last year the government adopted a law which allows foreigners to obtain an indefinite-term work permit.

«Human genome» - a project which will be realized in Turkey

A new “Genome” biocenter will be constructed in Turkey. The aim of the project is to specify the genome map of a man to detect cancer. Along with the cancer screening, pharmacology researches will be carried out to develop new medicines to fight cancer. According to Eyüp Gümüş, the Deputy Minister of Healthcare, this project will be realized in 2016.

It is known that Turkey rivals already with Germany and Israel in the quality of health services. And moreover, it offers the best prices. The world-renowned clinics and research centers such as Medical Park, World Eye Centers, Memorial, Anadolu are located in Turkey. And many of them have branches in Antalya.

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