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The tourism news in Turkey

The tourism news in Turkey

Turkish airlines have launched tickets sale

The PR department of the Turkish airlines company announced about the discounts on the tickets to the Balkan region, the Caucasus and Ukraine.

The discount is available when you buy the round-trip tickets on the website until January 24. The number of discounted tickets is limited and you can use them only from January 15 to March 31, 2016. The tickets cost varies from the destination. 

So, the cheapest flights are available for those who are going to Ukraine. The costs of the round-trip tickets will be only 99 dollars. The flights to the Balkan countries: Serbia, Romania, Moldova, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia will cost 10 dollars more. And the flights to Azerbaijan and Georgia will cost 129 dollars. The prices include the tax.

The Turkish residents will get new passports

In spring 2016, the Turkish residents will get new passports. The government of the country announced this news telling that new passports will allow to move across the Schengen countries freely. The Turkish government is sure that new IDs will bring the country closer to the European Union.

So, what are the changes in the passports? The main difference is that the new IDs will contain biometric data (fingerprints). Furthermore, the form of the passport will also be changed. The passport-books and identification cards will be replaced by the cards with chips. Such documents are used all over the Europe. The only things that won't change will be the size and the colour of the passports. 

Turkey has leading positions in attracting foreign business

According to the research of Cushman&Wakefield, Turkey is the first country in Europe and the eighth one in the world in the rating showing the most attractive countries for locating business.

The search was based on the following criteria: the economic stability, the markets accessibility, the level of business expenses and wages. The leading position of the country is connected with good geographical position, its energy independence and stable economic development. Another important indicator is the fact that a lot of business representatives prefer to locate their companies in Turkey. Both the Turkish residents and foreigners who decided to buy property in Turkey and get a residence permit will find the benefits.

A new centre for people with disabilities in Alanya

The second centre for people with disabilities will be opened in Alanya in the nearest future. The mayor of Alanya announced about its construction on the International day of Persons with disabilities on December 3 which was good news for people who need such centre.

It is planned to construct a five-storey building in Oba district. That will be a multifunctional centre. On one hand that will be a rehabilitation centre with therapy pools and, on the other hand, people with disabilities will be able to spend leisure, do sport, and improve different skills.

The administration of Alanya pays constant attention to the issues of people with disabilities and takes measures to improve the quality of their life. One of these measures is constructing this centre.

The Turkish car owners will be able to get new licenses in 2016 via the Internet

Since January 1, 2016 a new system of getting licenses was approved in Turkey. Now it became easier: the only thing you need to do is to enter the application online and choose convenient time for submission of the documents. 

To get a new license, you need to have the following documents: a medical report, a biometric photo, fingerprints and tax payment receipts (15 TRY).  Drivers of all categories will have to get new licenses. Drivers will have five years to do it. New licenses are valid five and 10 years depending on the kind of transport. Drivers with new licenses will be able to use them in 84 countries. These are the countries which signed the agreement on recognition of the driver's licenses.

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