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The tourism and property market news of the last week in Turkey

The tourism and property market news of the last week in Turkey

The 20th International "EMITT-2016" Exhibition took place in Istanbul

4550 participants of the 20th East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition gathered in Istanbul for four days, from the 28th till the 31st January. EMITT-2016 is considered to be one of the largest events in the Turkish tourism sector.

The known international tour operators presented their best offers in the following main directions: the countries of the Mediterranean region, Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

The first two days of the exhibition were dedicated to the work of representatives of the tourism business sector. Conferences addressing the problems of the Mediterranean resorts, development of facilities for the mountain skiing tourism, and sport and research projects were held.

For the last two days, the exhibition was available for the visitors. About 140 thousand people visited it.

The museum of Turkish women opened its doors in Antalya

There are two museums of Turkish women in Turkey: in Istanbul and Izmir. The third museum was opened in Antalya as a special project on development of tourism in the country. The museum has its own site on which you can take part in a virtual excursion.

This project will be interesting for the tourists and the foreigners who purchased property in Turkey to stay in this country and to learn the local culture. The visitors of the museum will be able to attend the exhibitions of national costumes, accessories, and dishes of Turkish cuisine.

Women will be able to attend lectures, workshops, and craft lessons which will be held in the museum. In addition, it is planned to organize various festivals and sightseeing tours, so the museum will become a real entertainment spot in the city.

The Turkish tourism industry relies on MICE-tourism

MICE or business tourism is a promising direction of the world tourism development. The representatives of the Turkish tourism industry who are always searching for new attractive directions also have drawn attention to this tourism sector.

One of the reasons of such active development of this sector is the growing demand on the business tourism, a constantly high financial status of the business representatives and their solvency. Turkey can provide absolutely everything to organize MICE tours: an advantageous geographical position, comfortable climate, modern hotels with conference rooms, decent service level, historical and cultural sights, and good transport accessibility.

Reduction of mortgage rates will stimulate demand on property in Turkey

The Turkish government is trying to stimulate demand on the property in Turkey by different means. Quite good statistics on property sales encourage the government to do it. More than 1.2 million property options were sold in 2015 and the pick of sales was in November and December. Therefore, it was decided to support this tendency by reducing the mortgage rates to 0.6-0.7 per month. Now the interest rate is 1-1.2%.

This change is considered in the Parliament and if the mortgage law becomes effective, buying an apartment in Turkey will be more available for foreigners. The experts expect that in 2016 the number of sold real estates will also exceed one million.

Foreigners bought about 23 thousand properties in Turkey in 2015

The previous year was quite successful for the real estate market in Turkey. According to the Turkish Statistics Institute, 22 830 is the total number of real estates which were sold to the foreigners in 2015. This number indicates 20.4% increase comparing with the previous year.

In 2015 the Turkish properties was the most popular among Iraqis. They bought 4 228 properties in Turkey. The second place goes to Saudi Arabians. 2 704 real estate units were sold to them. Then come Kuwaitis. They bought 2 130 properties. They are followed by Russians (2 036 properties) and Brits (1 054 real estates).

According to the data provided by TÜİK, the largest number of housing units was sold in Istanbul (7 493). The next popular spot in 2015 was Antalya and Alanya where 6 072 units were sold. The total number of housing sales has increased by 10.6 since 2014.

Here you can see the changes of the number of property sales in Turkey for the last three years.


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