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The latest news of the week in Turkey

The latest news of the week in Turkey

EXPO tower is under construction in Antalya

A 120-meter tower will have been built by the beginning of the international exhibition EXPO 2016 which will be held in Antalya between April 23 and October 30. The construction workers say that it will take six months to build the tower.

The design of the tower follows the idea of the exhibition which theme is children and flowers. The design is also associated with a palm which is the symbol of Antalya. So, there will be a palm-like tower and its “branches” will symbolize children's hands turning up to the sky. On the top of the tower, there will be a viewing point with a fantastic 360-degree view of the exhibition site, the city and the sea.

The EXPO tower will be the main symbol of the exhibition in Antalya.

New flights from Germany to Gazipasa are to be launched next summer

A private German airline Germania is going to launch new flights to the international airport of Gazipasa. This company has already operated the flights to Turkish Bodrum and now is expanding its routes.

The scheduled flights from Bremen to Gazipasa will be operated two times a week from May 1 and the flights from Hamburg – from June 3. From June 7, Münster-Osnabrück Airport and Gazipasa will be connected by the Germania's flight. These new flights are to increase the number of German tourists going to Turkey.

Germania planned to launch the new flights in 2012 and it took almost four years to obtain all necessary permits.

Germans topped the list of tourists visiting Turkey

According to the data of the Culture and Tourism Ministry, the number of German tourists who visited the country increased up to 3,75 million. Now they are followed by Russian tourists (2,78 million) and British tourists (1,8 million).

It was said that the reason of this increase can be the devaluation of Turkish Lira against Euro. Low prices have attracted more tourists than the previous year. It is expected that this tendency will continue next year as well.

Migros 3M will be the fourth and the biggest supermarket in Mahmutlar

Despite higher prices, Migros supermarkets are very popular among the locals, foreigners who own apartments in Alanya and tourists who rent properties by the sea. There are already three Migros supermarkets in Mahmutlar and it is planned to open the fourth one which will be the biggest supermarket not only in Mahmutlar but in Alanya as well.

The construction of the supermarket is also a part of the development program of the city. The new Migros will be constructed instead of one of the shabby houses which can be still seen in the streets.

"E-Pulse" will protect Turkish students

The e-Pulse project is a system to prevent spreading of infectious diseases at schools and to make schools healthy for children. The authors of the project are the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of health care. This system will help to detect infectious diseases at early stages which allow the timely initiation of treatment and help to control the situation.

The principle of the system is to immediately inform the doctors and the health centers about the detected infection. So, the sanitary conditions and vaccination of students will be controlled. According to the received data the preventive measures will be taken straight away.

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