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The Empire Residence: just a few months left before construction is completed

The Empire Residence: just a few months left before construction is completed

Just a few months left before the Empire complex is buzzing with life.

We designed this residential complex as a unique and innovative project which represents a combination of the newest technologies, construction innovations, and home comfort with oriental flavour. You can easily check this out in our Empire Residence project.

How? Buy an apartment in the residence right now and get an interest-free installment. The starting price is 65.900 Euros!

What will you get in the Empire Residence except prime location in the city centre in a walking distance from the sea?

  • Energy innovations - we used alternative sources of energy - Multielektrik solar panels. This is our contribution to the environmental protection. And we care about our future residents, who will be able to save on electricity, receiving hot water and heating almost for free.
  • The Smart House system - its aim is to provide security. It allows to control the home systems and appliances remotely.
  • Ergonomic features of the interior space - convenient design and our know-how in the studios - a "ceiling bed".
  • Convenient facilities including recreation area, outdoor entertainments, panoramic roof-top terraces, and plenty of other services are on offer.
  • Assistance in buying of an apartment and after-sales services.

More benefits of the Empire Residence you can find on our website:

Turkish Airlines is ready for Euro 2016!

There is a great news for football fans, who are going to France to the UEFA European Championship 2016. Turkish Airlines, an official sponsor of Euro 2016, is broadcasting matches during the flight and in the Turkish airports. Now you do not have to worry that you will miss a match. This service is available on all flights between Istanbul and Antalya and in the cities of 22 countries which take part in Euro 2016, including France, which is hosting the championship.

Earlier, within sponsorship events, Turkish Airlines presented a plane painted in colours of Euro 2016. This plane will make several flights with special routes. In addition, in Turkish and French airports the company will hold competitions and special events dedicated to the championship. And there will be a free ticket lottery as well.

Why is it profitable to buy property in Alanya from a developer?

Property sales statistics in Turkey shows that demand for housing in new buildings is almost the same as for secondary housing market. Alanya, an area with active construction, offers a plenty of housing options. It is usually development companies who sell their property, and you can use the services of real estate companies as well.

In fact it is more profitable to buy property in Alanya from a development company. Why and what benefits do you get?

  • Lower prices

The price of property from a developer is lower than the price of an average apartment in the secondary market. It refers not only to residential real estate but to commercial property as well. Besides, when you sign a contract, you can get one or 2% discount which otherwise real estate agencies could receive.

  • Flexible payment conditions

When you buy property directly from a developer, you can get special conditions. If you buy under-construction property, you can get a good discount. If you do not have enough money, developers may offer you interest-free loans or a mortgage in a partner bank.

  • Legal clarity of a deal

An apartment in a new building does not belong to anyone, therefore you can be sure that when you buy it, you do not violate anyone's rights.

  • New utility systems and other facilities

New buildings are constructed from modern materials considering demand for comfort. Besides, when you move to a new apartment, you do not have to make any repairs.

You can easily make your ‘apartment by the sea dream’ come true. Just contact a development company.

Alanya is taking part in FestiRamazan in Dortmund

Every visitor of the Turkish stand at FestiRamazan being held in Dortmund has a chance to win a free tour to Alanya. The festival began on June 4 and will last till July 4.

The representatives of ALTAV (Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation) came to Germany to present Alanya, a popular tourism destination. Within this month, guests of the Turkish stand will explore the tourism potential of this city. The interest to this stand is very high. Visitors can take photos in front of stand and win a free tour. The basic requirement is to get as many likes under photos on Facebook and Instagram as possible.

From Antalya to Kemer on a sea bus

Turkey is a country with well-developed transport connection. Water transport which is presented by the so-called sea buses is not an exception. Kemer is one of the most popular destinations among locals and tourists who rent a house in Antalya.

Sea buses became so popular that the municipality decided to increase the number of buses. Sea buses are available all year round, and in summer there is a special schedule with seven buses per day. The capacity of each bus is 42 passengers. The trip lasts 40 minutes. During this time you can have a rest, inhale sea air, and enjoy beautiful nature.

The price of this trip is rather low. Adult's ticket costs 10 liras and children's - six liras. Teachers need to pay only seven liras, while elder and disabled people can use it for free.

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