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Taxes and property: what you need to pay for

Taxes and property:  what you need to pay for

A lot of foreigners prefer to buy property in Alanya from developers because of reasonable prices, especially when they buy it for investments. But you should keep in mind that the owners of property in Turkey, whether they are Turks or foreigners, have to pay taxes. There are several types of property taxes in Turkey.

The first tax that the buyer needs to pay is the property acquisition tax. It is 4% of property price specified in TAPU.

This property price can't exceed the market price of housing and be lower than the real price specified by local authorities.

This price will also influence an annual property tax which should be paid from the first year after purchase. This tax is 0.3% of TAPU price.

Renting out your property in Turkey can be a source of income. This kind of income is also taxed. The tax sum depends on the annual income. If your income exceeds 2300 TL for residential property and 14000 TL for commercial real estate, then you need to pay the tax. The sum varies from 20% to 45%. Our managers will tell you more detailed information on property taxes in Turkey.

Antalya State Opera and Ballet: theatre programme in April

The residents and guests of Antalya definitely won't be bored in April. This month is expected to be eventful.

Antalya State Opera and Ballet invites visitors to attend their performances. You can find the bill on the official website of the Directorate General of State Opera and Ballet. The spectators will be able to attend performances both for adults and for children. The programme was tailored for different preferences. Theatre lovers will be able to see premieres and favourite performances and actors. Ballet, opera, concerts, performances for children - all these will be available in April.

The evening shows start at 19.00 and 20.00, shows for children - at 11.00. All tickets are on sale now. For premieres, it is worth buying them in advance.

Music lovers can visit Ankara for the annual International Ankara Music Festival. It starts on April 4 and lasts till the end of the month. This festival is a great opportunity to listen to the famous symphony orchestras, to enjoy classic, modern and folk music, jazz and ballet.

Istanbul is full of tulips

The annual tulip festival which has started in Istanbul is like a national holiday in Turkey. This event has a special importance. Tulip is not only a symbol of the country but it is also an important element of the Ottoman culture and traditions. It was no coincidence that the sultans chose this flower as a symbol of power and the writers and artists used the image of the flower in their works. Clothes, carpets and rugs, weapon - you can see images of the flower on many items of that time.

And during this festival, Istanbul is blooming. Parks, streets, squares are full of colourful flowers. About one million of tulip bulbs are bedded out everywhere, even in the courtyards.

The festival tradition was renewed in 2009. This is one of the ways to compete with Holland for the right to be called the "capital of tulips". Within this month, the city is flowering. The tulips are bedded out in rows from earlier to later varieties, so that the city remains blossoming. The main events of the festival are traditionally held in the Emirgan park: there are a lot of different flower compositions, figures and images made of tulips.

Turkey is one of the main destinations for Muslim tourists

Mastercard and CrescentRating announced the annual Global Muslim Travel Index for 2016. There are 130 counties in this list. Turkey took the third place with the index score of 73.9. Malaysia took the first place (81.9), and the second place went to the United Arab Emirates (74.7).

The rating is based on the criteria which meet requirements of Muslim tourists. For example, cafes with halal menu, prayer rooms in public places (airports, hotels, shopping centres), accommodation that meets requirements of Muslims, shopping and travel facilities.


Istanbul Film Festival is celebrating the 35th anniversary

The 35th Istanbul Film Festival, organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, started on April 5 with the opening film “Midnight Special”. The festival will run until April 17.

During this festival, you will have an opportunity to watch 187 feature films, as well as 10 short and 24 experimental films in 25 different categories. In addition to more than 200 films from 62 countries, there will be talks with guest filmmakers, panel discussions, concerts, and other special events.

Within this festival, the traditional international and national Golden Tulip competition will be held. The festival will also feature the national documentary competition, the FACE Human Rights in Cinema section and the national short-film section which is becoming competitive for the first time.

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