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September statistics of Turkey's property sales

September statistics of Turkey's property sales

The Statistics Institute (TurkStat) published a report on sales of Turkey’s properties in September. 108 918 housing options were sold in September. This is 5% less than in August, but if we compare this number with the previous year, September sales increased by 17.8%. As for domestic market, the most sales were made in Istanbul (15.6%). It is followed by Ankara with 10.6%. The third place went to Izmir (5.6%).

The number of property transactions with a mortgage increased up to 38.6% and was 42 083 homes. More and more people try to buy property using their own means. When analyzing sales according to the type of property, the most popular housing is secondary real estate. With a slender majority (6.6%), Turkish residents chose to buy housing in the secondary market.

1 276 housing options were bought by foreigners. This is 27.8% less than last year. Foreigners expressed the most interest to Antalya. 28% of sales were made there. 323 options or 25% were sold in Istanbul. More than a half of foreigners prefer to buy property in this region.

As for the nationalities of foreigners who bought Turkey's property, the most active buyers were Iraqis. They purchased 230 homes. Russians took the third place after residents of Saudi Arabia, who bought 99 and 140 housing options. In September the UK also entered the top-5 countries. The UK residents acquired 84 homes as well as Kuwaitis did (84 housing options).

How much will you have to pay for holidays in Turkey next year?

Tour operators working in Turkish resorts have already prepared for the next season. Many of them have already signed contracts with Turkish hoteliers who are ready to decrease their prices by 10-15% on average comparing with previous seasons. The hoteliers more readily agree to decrease prices for mid and low-priced accommodation options. And do not forget about early booking, which can help you to save up to 30% on accommodation in a hotel. So next year tourists will be able to save up to 45%.

And what will Turkey's property rental market offer? Long-term rentals are still very attractive. For example, Multivilla offers to rent property of different types, from cheap studios to luxury villas, at prices ranging from €8 to €165 for any term. Your choice can be only limited by your budget, otherwise, you will be offered an extremely wide selection of housing in various areas of the Mediterranean coast. Consider this holiday option, so you will be able to live in a house in Turkey by the sea at rather reasonable prices.

Gas will be brought to homes in Antalya in a few years

Turkey is not known as a gas country, in other words, Turks use gas for domestic needs very rarely. For heating of houses they use heaters and conditioners, cook using mostly electric stoves, and gas stoves are only with gas cylinders. Electricity is rather expensive and gas is much cheaper.

Recently the Minister of Foreign affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu announced that the government had decided to bring natural gas to Alanya, Manavgat, Gazipasa and other resorts of the Mediterranean coast.

The 245-meter pipeline will go through 53 towns across Turkey. According to the government, gas will be available in homes in two years. New houses are being constructed regarding the possibility of natural gas use. That will make life much easier and more convenient. Besides, it will allow tourists to rent inexpensive apartments in Alanya.

Women's beach will be opened in Alanya next season

News about opening a women's beach close to Gazipasa was announced during the visit of Antalya Mayor Menderes Türel to Alanya. Before the visit, the symbolic foundation had been laid in the area of the future beach. It is planned to open the beach at the beginning of the summer season. It is expected that the beach will be open for women from 8.00 to 20.00 and they will be able to get there from Gazipasa using free transfer.

It is worth noting that women's beach is not an innovation in Turkey. In 2014 the first women's beach was opened in Sarısu, Antalya. Such beaches give opportunity to religious women feel comfortable and safe while spending time on the beach. A cafe, bar, market, pastry shop, hammam, equipped children's playgrounds, free sun beds are available at the beach. Besides, the beach is guarded.

According to Menderes Türel, the opening of a new beach is consistent with modern values of equality, mentioned in Turkey's Constitution.

The Basilica Therma in Yozgat is to be open to tourism

The Basilica Therma is a Roman-era bath in the Central Anatolian province of Yozgat’s Sankaya district. Among locals it is known as the “King’s Daughter”. It was announced that it would be available for tourists within a few years once excavations have ended.

The Mayor of Sarikaya Ömer Açıke stated that the Roman bath was a very significant item of world cultural heritage, being one of the world’s two geothermal waters. He also added that such baths can be found everywhere settled by the Romans, but only two of them have geothermal water. One of these surviving pool structures with hot water (about 48-4 degrees) is in Sarikaya and the other is in Great Britain.

Today excavation works are still ongoing. It is expected that the bath will be opened to visitors in the next few years.

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