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Selling a duplex apartment in Turkey: seller's and buyer's benefits

Selling a duplex apartment in Turkey: seller's and buyer's benefits

Buying a duplex in Turkey from a developer is a profitable option for both buyer and a seller. The seller will receive a rather high income from the difference between the cost and the sale price. And the buyer gets luxury housing with a large area, where he or she can convert their design ideas into reality.

Duplex in Turkey is a split-level apartment with a staircase which connects these two floors. Almost every residential complex has duplex apartments. As a rule, duplexes are located on the first two floors or on the two upper ones. Therefore, you can find such names as an upper duplex (or a penthouse) and a lower duplex. Another characteristic that you can find in the apartment description is straight and reverse duplexes. This characteristic describes the way how to get from the entrance door to another level. If you need to go upstairs, then it is a straight or upper duplex. If you need to go downstairs, then it is a reverse duplex and very often it is a lower one.

The cost of duplex apartments is always very high. Apartments of such type can't be cheap. But even though the prices are high, you have an opportunity to save some money. It depends on what options you can neglect. The price of any housing depends on the following factors: location and facilities of a residential complex, view from the window, design and interior.

How can non-residents pay for an apartment in Turkey?

When it comes to buying property in Alanya (Turkey), buyers usually think of its type, price, terms of transaction. The question concerning payment options arises later, however it is no less important. What payment options are there and what options are more profitable for non-residents?

Of course you can pay with cash in Turkey, but it is neither safe, nor profitable. Therefore we do not consider this option as an alternative. Paying cash via a real estate agency located in your country is also can be rather risky.

Two other options are more reliable:

  • transfer from your account in your country to the seller's account in Turkey;
  • transfer between your accounts in your country and in Turkey and then a transfer to the seller's account according to the sales contract.

You can use the first option if you have a translation of the contract. You will need to provide it to your bank.

The second option is the most profitable and the safest one. But you will have to visit Turkey one more time in order to open an account there. Then you will just make a transfer from one account to another and then to the seller's account.

What will be the terms of issuing a residence permit after adoption of changes in act № 6458?

Act № 6458 is well known to foreigners who are interested, for example, in buying an apartment in Alanya or long-term rent in Turkey. This act regulates the stay or residence of foreigners in Turkey. And on August 13, 2016 it underwent some changes caused by the adoption of new law №6735 on the Foreign Labor Force.

The main changes are related to the terms of issuing a residence permit. These terms have increased:

  • Now a residence permit will be given for 2 years (earlier it was a year). The main condition is not to leave the country for more than 120 days within a calendar year. Otherwise, the residence permit will be invalid.
  • A long term residence permit will be issued for 3 years (earlier it was only a year). You can get this type of residence permit if you buy property or launch a business there. The residence permit can be interrupted if its owner stays out of the country for more than half a year.

The other change concerns the department that issues the residence permit. Previously issuing a residence permit was the responsibility of the Interior Ministry's General Directorate of Migration Management. Now intermediary organizations will have a right to accept residence permit applications. The only condition is to be authorized by the General Directorate.

How to choose an apartment in Turkey

Apartments in Turkey are in high demand among foreigners. And Turkey's market offers a great variety of apartments. Besides, this housing category is the most affordable, however, their price depends on the type of apartment.

So if you plan to buy an apartment in Alanya (Turkey), you should understand what it is like. Apartments in Turkey usually have a large area, plus the area of a balcony can be as large as room's area. Turkey's apartments have various layouts. And the number of bathrooms is usually equal to the number of bedrooms.

When buying housing in Turkey, pay attention to the quality of apartment. You should check the following points:

  • period of construction — the norm is at least one year;
  • interior layout — absence of defects (for example, small toilet, rooms with extra corners) is a good indicator.
  • quality of foundation, water and sound proofing.

Turkey's Ministry of Labor is going to control the flow of foreigners to the country

The new law on foreign labor force was adopted in Turkey at the end of July. This law was designed to control the flow of foreigners to the country and legalize their activity. The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection set up the Advisory Board which will regulate foreign labor force policy.

The board will study the demand for work among non-residents and control it. They will launch a special application system for foreigners. Legalization of labor force includes the cost increase for social benefits.

Illegals and employers will be fined:

  • foreign employees working illegally will have to pay 2400 TL;
  • self-employed foreigners (freelancers, private entrepreneurship) will have to pay 4800 TL;
  • employers will have to pay 6000 TL for each employee.

So if you plan to buy property in Alanya to move to the country and to work there, do not forget to apply to the Advisory Board.

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