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Russia and Turkey - perspectives of cooperation in the airline industry

Russia and Turkey - perspectives of cooperation in the airline industry

According to the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia), large Russian and Turkish carriers will have a meeting on December 20 and 21. The meeting will be held in Moscow, but the details are still unknown. The companies will probably discuss enhancing cooperation in the passenger transportation. It is worth reminding that the increase in the number of flights was discussed earlier.

For its part, Turkey makes every effort to attract Russian tourists by improving service and conditions for air carriers and tour operators. The new service that has been provided by Turkish Airlines became very popular among tourists and owners of apartments in Alanya.

So Turkish airlines introduced a new service of free transfers from the Antalya airport to Alanya and back. Shuttle bus operates six times a day (three times in the morning and three times in the afternoon). There are also stops along the way to Alanya: Konakli, Manavgat, Avsallar, Serik, Akseki, Okurcalar and other areas on the way from and to the airport.

Guaranteed rent - new service in Turkey

Housing rentals in Turkey especially in Antalya resorts are a rather profitable means of property management. This service is quite popular among foreigners. The procedure is simple: to invest in property with its subsequent lease. The only risk in this scheme is to go into debt. Such an outcome is rather possible if you rent it out improperly: without a contract or incorrectly prepared papers.

In order to save money, foreigners try to find tenants and make a deal on their own. But you have to know the Turkish laws well and speak Turkish to be legally aware.

Management companies offer the new service of guaranteed rental. It means that a property owner signs a contract with a management company which is supposed to rent property out, pay utility bills, keep the property and possessions in it safe. The owner receives a guaranteed annual income which is fixed in the contract even if no tenants are living there.

How can foreigners issue a driving licence in Turkey?

Foreigners who have bought property in Alanya for permanent residence buy a car sooner or later. To do it you should acquire a driving licence, use your international licence (for 6 months) or licence of your country (for 1 month). Later you will have to get a Turkish driving licence of a new type. In this case you won't have to study or pass an exam.

It is worth reminding that you can submit for the Turkish driving licence online on the website of the General Department of Security since 01.01.2016. To do it, you need to submit a set of documents:

  • notarized translation of your driving licence;
  • ID;
  • certificate of criminal records in Turkey (issued by the Department of Justice);
  • health and blood type report;
  • Turkish residence permit and personal number;
  • 3 photos;
  • receipt confirming your fee payment.

Using online application form you can choose a convenient time to visit the police station. The new driving licences will be valid in 84 countries and their period of validity will be 10 years for cars and 5 years for trucks.

Turkish property: slow growth in price

Surprisingly, Turkey somehow manages to keep affordable housing prices when the property growth rates are rather high. The British company Knight Frank has monitored the real estate prices. Turkey is still the leader.

The growth rate in this country became 13.9% (4.76% with adjustments for inflation) in 2016. Comparing with the previous year, the rate fell by 5 points, but this fact has not prevented Turkey from taking the first place among 55 countries. The high growth rate is observed in the primary market of villas and apartments. So apartments of 51-57 square meters area had the highest rate — 5.98%.

The highest prices are in Istanbul. Among the resort areas the most expensive ones are the Aegean coast (Izmir, Bodrum, Kusadasi) and cheaper housing options are located on the Mediterranean coast in Antalya province. The difference in price between various types of properties in these areas can vary from 20 % (apartments) to 140 % (luxury housing).

Going to Turkey with your dog: how to cross the border with a pet

Having a pet is not a problem when you buy an apartment in Alanya and move to Turkey. You won't have to leave it in your country, as you can easily cross the border with your pet. The procedure is rather simple. But you should be careful with required documents.

First of all, your pet should be microchipped (SO11784, SO11785) or put an identification mark. And do not forget about the pet passport. It should be in English. Make sure to put a mark with the number of vaccines of the following vaccinations: deworming, distemper, rabies virus, parvovirus. All records in the pet passport should be signed and stamped by a vet. Before departure it is better to vaccinate, deworm your pet, treat its hair with insecticides 24-48 hours before the departure.

The main certificate is a vet certificate, which you should exchange to the international certificate when crossing the Turkish border. Another required document is a certificate on breeding value.

The pet should be transported in special container as extra luggage. Turkish airlines allow transporting a container with a pet weighting up to 8 kilograms under the front seat. The container should be of 115 cm (the sum of length, height, and depth).

The most important point is to book a ticket for your pet in advance as only two pets can be transported in the cabin of the airplane.

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