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Results of the last month of 2016 year in Turkey's real estate market

Results of the last month of 2016 year in Turkey's real estate market

Property sales in December 2016 remained almost at the same level. The only difference is a slight growth of 0.1%. Top 3 popular cities also didn't change. Comparing with previous December, a slight increase in sales was observed in Izmir. Now it is 6.3% or 8 975 homes. And the number of sales in Istanbul and Ankara fell to 17.6 % and 10.9 % respectively. Together these three cities held a third of total sales.

As for mortgage loans, still over 30% of buyers used it. The number of properties purchased with the use of credit funds increased by 21.8 % comparing with last December.

The largest number of purchases made with mortgage loans (43.5%) was observed in Erzincan. It was also the first time when people bought more new houses than secondary housing options. The share of new homes in the real estate sales structure became 50.3%.

Foreigners showed less interest in Turkish real estate in December 2016, comparing with the same period of the previous year. 1640 homes were sold in total. The absolute leader was Istanbul (585 homes). Antalya held the second position with 315 houses sold. Bursa became the third popular among foreigners destination. 140 homes were sold there.

What are prospects of urban development in Turkey?

The future of urban environment in Turkey was discussed at the end of January at the Urban Development Authority meeting which was held in Ankara. The meeting was attended by the Prime Minister and the President of Turkey.

There are several reasons why urban development is very important issue in Turkey. The first reason is a huge number of urban population. Almost 90% of country's population is city people. In addition, tourists also prefer to stay in the cities and towns where they are offered well-developed infrastructure, hotel facilities and where they can buy cheap real estate.

The second reason is certain peculiarities of Turkish towns. They are located and planned in accordance with environmental features so that people can feel comfortable and enjoy the views. Nature which surrounds the cities creates special atmosphere and make them unique. Therefore, Turkey pays a lot of attention to the preservation of nature. The government supports the ideas of development of green cities as they think that this concept will help keep connection to nature. Therefore, modern urban development is aimed at focusing on construction of special cities where there will be no standardized housing developments which are rather common for western culture.

International tourism EMITT 2017 exhibition was held in Turkey

Within 4 days between 26 and 29 January, the Istanbul exhibition centre Tüyap Istanbul Fair hosted the 21st East Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Exhibition, which is one of the five largest tourism exhibitions. This event usually takes place in January because the beginning of the tourist season is very close. The aim of the exhibition is to promote the tourism industry and attract tour operators from different counties and continents to exchange useful information and develop new routes and holiday options. New options especially if they are related directly to the tourists will surely attract independent holidaymakers and as the result it will stimulate development of rental housing market.

While European tour operators as well as Asian and North American know Turkey's tourism potential, but the representatives of American tourism industry are rather unaware of holiday opportunities this country offers. So this year, Argentinean tour operators were special guests at the exhibition. The international format of this event involved cross meetings, agreements, and exchange of experience.

Also this year some other international exhibitions will take place where Turkish operators will present their products. The nearest one is the 24th Moscow International Travel and Tourism Exhibition which will be held in Moscow between March 14 and 16. 

What to do in Turkey in spring?

Spring in Turkey is probably the best time for sightseeing and health tourism. The picturesque nature is full of bright colours and new smells. The weather is almost the same throughout the country, the temperature is absolutely comfortable for long walks and various outdoors activities. And moreover, spring is not a high season, so there won't be any crowds of tourists everywhere. So if it sounds interesting to you, do not hesitate! Besides, spring is a time when you are offered various rental offers at a rather affordable price.

And if you are going to Turkey in March, you can also enjoy skiing in Palandoken and Uludag. If you get tired of snow, you will be able to enjoy the sunshine while visiting famous tourist attractions. You can easily book various sightseeing tours which won't you cost much.

In April you already can swim if you stay in Alanya, Antalya or Side. The daytime temperature (about +25 degrees) allows to do it, but the water temperature of +18 degrees is not probably for everyone. However, the surrounding picturesque landscapes with blooming citrus and orange trees, exotic plants and trees won't allow you stay indifferent. Besides walking and enjoying nature, this country offers numerous things to do. You can visit different entertainment facilities, take part in the celebration of Children's day (April 23), or visit the International Film Festival, which takes place in Istanbul.

May holidays you can easily spend lying on the beach. May in Turkey is a summer month, especially on the Mediterranean coast where the water warms up to +20-25 degrees. Combine your beach holidays with various cultural and leisure activities to get maximum positive emotions.

Best areas to live in Turkey announced

According to the research of the Human Development Foundation (INGEV), Turkey’s top districts are located in the country’s largest cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Antalya. 150 districts in 30 Turkish provinces were assessed based on 50 criteria which include social, economic and environmental factors such as governance, social inclusion, economic situation, education, health, social life, the environment and transportation.

So the district with the highest scores is Ankara’s Cankaya. And it is followed by two districts Kadıköy and Beşiktaş located in Istanbul. The bottom of the list is occupied by the Ergani district of the southeastern province of Diyarbakir.

INGEV President Vural Çakır stated that the main aim of this study is to objectively evaluate the performance of the districts. This information will help determine what areas need to be developed.

And Multivilla will be glad to be your guide in the Turkish real estate market and offer you the best homes for sale in Alanya and Antalya, one of the most developed areas in Turkey.

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