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Residential property sales statistics for the first six months of 2016

Residential property sales statistics for the first six months of 2016

There is a slight stagnation in the Turkish real estate market in 2016. Comparing the statistical reports of the first six months of 2016 and 2015, almost the same situation is observed. The number of sales transactions in 2015 was 637 080 and in 2016 it is 630 799 which is 99%. In February, March and May even a positive growth rate, from 1% to 7%, was observed. Taking into account the growth of property prices this is a good indicator.

Top-5 of provinces with the highest number of sales remained the same for the second year: Istanbul — 117 242 homes, Ankara — 67 382, Izmir — 39 282, Antalya — 30 488, Bursa — 25 427.

In 2016 the number of transactions with borrowings decreased by 17% comparing with the previous year. This year 31% buyers took mortgage loans.

As for segments of new and secondary housing, the second one is leading. However, in some months there was a decreasing tendency. In general, the experts note certain stagnation in this segment. Nevertheless 54% of housing were bought in the secondary market in the first half of the year.

Foreigners are less active this year. The number of new foreign owners of Turkish property reduced by 9% and became 9 378 people.

As for the changes that may occur in the real estate market in the future, even experts can't predict anything.

New documentary project has been shot in ancient mound

A new documentary project featuring the Silk Road era in the 1200s has been shot in the Kültepe Kaniş Karum Mound which is located in the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri. In this area traders exchanged goods more than 4000 years ago.

The general coordinator of the project named “Caravan”, Ibrahim Divarci, said that the film consisted of 12 episodes and it was planned to screen the film in the spring. He also stated that their main goal was to promote the Silk Road abroad.

Why is secondary housing in Turkey more popular?

According to the statistical reports of the TurkStat, property in the secondary market is being sold more actively. The margin is not very big. But it remains the same for a long time. Why secondary housing? The statistics shows that this type of Turkish property is the most affordable.

Is it only the price that determines the buyer's choice? Of course, no, there are also other points. First of all, it is a purpose. You can receive income from new housing and secondary property is a great option in terms of personal use. For example, in Turkey you can buy a recently built secondary real estate but which was belonged to previous owners. As a rule it is in a very good state. It even can be in a modern residential complex and doesn't require any repairs. Besides, the secondary housing is located in the city center in most cases or in areas with well-developed facilities, where there is no opportunity to build a new complex.

What hidden dangers may occur?

Very often buying a secondary property involves a risk of being cheated, for example buying a problem apartment. Be careful and find a good realtor so that the deal would be successful.

What is Turkey rich with?

Turkey has rich historical heritage. Archaeologists are working hard. Among the last findings there is the tomb of the nobles of Edessa King Abgar’s family, which the archaeologists discovered during works carried out around the historic Urfa Castle (Şanlıurfa). The tomb is decorated with unique floor mosaics. King Abgar was the first Christian ruler. The tomb had rooms for ten people of this family.

The other unique monument was found last year in the ancient town of Perge (Antalya). This is a full-size statue of the ancient Roman emperor Caracalla. Only small busts had been found before it. You can see it together with other statues in the Antalya Archaeological Museum. This is the first museum, from which you should start exploring the history of the country. Visit it during your sightseeing tour or after buying residential property in Turkey, in Antalya or Alanya.

Antalya welcomes to the International Culture Festival

You can go to Turkey all year round. And you will always have a great holiday. This country offers plenty of things to do - visit various excursions and different events. One of the upcoming interesting cultural events will be held in September in Antalya. This is the open air International Culture Festival. And now it is time to plan your visit to Turkey. An apartment to rent in Turkey, Antalya which Multivilla specialists will offer you will help you to save money on accommodation.

What does the festival offer?

First of all, this is a massive festival. Creative groups from all over the world can become participants of the festival.

Second, it offers a great genre diversity. There are no limitations: dances, orchestra performances, choir singing, theatre performances — there are genres for all tastes.

Third is interactivity. This is one of the key points of the festival — to involve a spectator in the action.

The next point is spectacular shows. All participants show their performances in the evening when it is getting dark and at night. Festive illumination, decorations, the sounds of the sea, the starry sky create unforgettable impressions.

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