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Residential property sale in Turkey: statistics for July

Residential property sale in Turkey: statistics for July

The summer decrease of buying activity in Turkey's property market continued in July. According to the Turkish Statistics Institute, the number of sales decreased by 15.8%, comparing with July 2015. And comparing with the previous June this number decreased almost by quarter (23%) - 81 343 homes were sold. This is the lowest number of sales during this year. Last July almost the same decrease of sales was observed. Perhaps that was the seasonality impact.

Otherwise, there weren't any significant changes in the property sale statistics for July. As usual, the most Turkey's properties were sold in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. They accounted 14.6%, 9.8% and 5.9% respectively. More than half of transactions (53%) were made in the secondary market. There is also a tendency of reducing the number of people getting mortgage loans to buy a property. This number decreased by 29.2% in July.

Foreigners are still interested in Turkish property, however the number of transactions nearly halved comparing with the previous July. 1044 deals with non-residents were made according to the statistics. The most popular destination among foreigners is Istanbul and Antalya, where 300 and 287 homes were sold respectively. The structure of buyers remained the same, but their number changed: Russians occupied the fifth place. They bought 64 properties. Iraqis continued to head the top of the most active buyers. They bought 153 homes. The second, third and fourth positions were occupied by Kuwaitis (111 homes), residents of Saudi Arabia (92 homes) and the UK (71 homes).

Park at Hadrian’s gate is planned to be renovated

A new renovation project for the area at Hadrian’s gate has been planned by the Muratpaşa Municipality in the southern province of Antalya. This are is known as the “Three Doors” and is located between the walls surrounding the city’s historic Kaleici neighborhood.

This park is next to Hadrian’s Gate, one of the best preserved ancient monuments in Antalya. This project will start at the end of the touristic season. The park is designed in the form of the sun to mark a transition from the past to the present. Besides, it is planned to install lighting in the form of the sun and flower beds which will adorn the park.

Paying utility bills in Turkey: what you should know

When buying an apartment in Alanya (Turkey) you shouldn't forget to pay utility bills. Along with aidat, maintenance service fee, you must pay for electricity and water. These are different departments, so you will have to prepare a set of documents for both ones. And you have to do it straight after buying property in person or by proxy. You are to submit the documents to a local ASAT office (municipal water department) and TEDAŞ office (municipal electricity department).

After paying the fee (about 200-400 TL) your apartment will be connected to the water and electricity supply.

The payment must be done monthly. You can pay cash or by a credit card. You can pay cash in the ASAT and TEDAŞ offices or special offices, but you will have to pay a 1 TL commission. To pay a credit card, you have to open an account in a local bank.

If you don't pay or are late with payment, you will be punished. Representatives of services will seal your meters which are outside the apartment. Besides, nonpayers can be imprisoned for up to five years.

What else can Antalya Expo-2016 offer?

There is only one month left before the Expo 2016 will be finished in Antalya. More than one million people have already visited the exhibition. However, the influx of visitors has decreased, the organizers have prepared a lot of interesting events for them.

For example, visitors of the exhibition will be able to enjoy performances of the English dance group Blaze Dance. The shows of this group are available daily from 18.00 to 20.00.

The exhibition of rare beetles is available till the end of the EXPO. It is available for visitors every day from 11.00 till 23.00 in the conference centre. History lovers can visit the Phaselis Coins Exhibition which includes coins of ancient times and the Middle Ages.

You have a great chance to visit Turkey in September or October. During this period there is no sweltering heat, so you will be able to enjoy the sea and the sun or explore the country. Apartments for rent in Alanya are rather cheap during this period, so you will be able to save on accommodation.

It is also worth reminding that the ticket price has been lowered. Now visitors from 14 to 64 years old can enter the exhibition paying 15 TL. Students and pensioners have to pay 10 TL, and the ticket for children from 8 to 13 years old costs 5 TL.

Trip across Turkey: what transport to choose

Apartments for rent in Turkey in Mahmutlar or in any other town in Antalya are a rather cheap type of accommodation in the Mediterranean resorts. Especially, if you plan not only to spend time on the beach, but also explore the country, as Turkey has a lot of sights to see.

Of course you can book a sightseeing tour, but if you prefer to travel on your own, you should better know information about types of transport in this country, their advantages and disadvantages.

The fastest, but the most expensive type is taxi. There are a lot of them. Taxi drivers can be sometimes intrusive. A 15-minute ride will cost you about 25 $.

One of the most popular types of transport is dolmus. They have a fixed route, but sometimes they can change the route on the request of tourists, therefore, your trip can take more time. The ticket price depends on the duration of a trip.

Buses are an inter-city transport, they are rather comfortable and run strictly according to their schedule.

Another comfortable and cheap transport is tram. A ticket costs 0.65 €, and you will get to the place you need just in time. The only disadvantage is that not every town has trams.

If you need an absolute freedom of movement, you should better rent a car. This service is well developed in Turkey. You can pay cash secured on 500 euros or by credit card.

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