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Property sales trends in Turkey in March

Property sales trends in Turkey in March

The property that was bought in Turkey in March 2016 is a topic of a new report of the Turkish Institute of Statistics (TÜİK).

117 205 housing facilities were sold in March. And it is 1% higher in comparison with Mach 2015. It is said that the third part of property was bought by getting a mortgage loan.

The number of sales within the primary housing market was 44.6%. Thus more than a half of housing options were sold within the secondary market.

In comparison with the same period in last year, the share of sales of the real estate to foreign market reduced by only 0.9% of the common volume of sales. This number is 1595 facilities. The most popular cities are still Istanbul (583 houses) and Antalya (360 houses). Bursa (115 homes), Mugla (73 homes) and Yalova (66 homes) are also among the Top-5 destinations.

The national composition of foreigners who want to have property in Turkey didn't change either. The most active buyers are Iraqis. They bought 244 homes.

Free bicycles - healthy lifestyle in Alanya

If you still have doubts about buying a house in Turkey, then we give one more argument for not hesitating and buying it. It relates to the social programmes which are actively implemented in Turkey. The Turkish government pays a lot of attention to various social programmes. For example, in April the Ministry of Health announced about providing 300 thousand bicycles to the residents.

The aim of this project is to attract attention to health problems which can be caused by the lack of physical activity, especially among children and teenagers. The start of the project took place on April 23 not accidentally. This day, Turks celebrate Children’s Day. The children were given 65 000 bicycles. And the part of those bicycles was given to boarding schools.

Besides health problems, this project is aimed at attracting attention to environmental problems. Bicycles are an eco-friendly kind of transport, therefore they may improve the environmental problems in cities. But the cities need more cycle paths.

Tips on how to reduce aydat

Paying of aydat is the first thing that a property owner faces after buying an apartment in Turkey. The monthly maintenance fee includes utility bills as well as the salary of representatives of the property management board. According to the law of condominiums, this management board is needed to form and specify aydat.

Homeowners select the members of the board. All homeowners should take part in the election even if they bought a property for temporary residence. The election will be valid in case of the quorum. It means that there should be a half of the votes plus one. In addition, the aydat sum depends on the election decision.

The most profitable option is to select the members of the board from the active neighbors. In this case, objective expenses and reports on them are expected. Usually the board consists of several members: a chairman, an assistant, a controller or an auditor and sometimes a caretaker. It is them who calculate and approve the aydat according to the spending plans for the next year.

Antalya’s historic Kaleici may be included to the World Heritage List

It was announced that Kaleici, the historic city center will be submitted for inclusion on the World Heritage List. This historical place is known for its rich history, from the Pergamon Kingdom to the Ottoman periods.

According to the mayor, the inclusion of Kaleici on the UNESCO World Heritage list will attract a lot of tourists which will help to revive tourism in this region. He also stated that it will help to preserve the important historical buildings.


Reduce your transport costs with free transfer to Alanya

The most popular Mediterranean resorts in Turkey are Antalya and Alanya. However, if you need to get to Alanya, you have to use a transfer. But now you can do it for free. It is very convenient for tourists who prefer to plan their trip on their own and choose property rentals in Alanya as an accommodation.

For example, if you use Turkish carriers like Pegasus Airlines, Atlasjet, Onur Air, Turkish Airlines, you can use their free transfer service. You need to show your flight ticket to get on a bus.

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