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Property sales to foreigners in Turkey increased by 20%

Property sales to foreigners in Turkey increased by 20%

Now the final results of property sales in different countries in 2015 have been published. The news website presents the following statistics on Turkey: the sales of residential facilities increased by 20.4% and the total number of property sales grew by 10% and counted 1.3 million objects.  This information is provided by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK).

The total number of housing options that were sold in 2015 is 22 830. The geography of buyers has also changed a bit. The residents of Southwestern Asia and the Middle East showed the greatest interest in Turkish property in 2015.


The rating of countries the citizens of which bought real estate in Turkey is the following. Iraq took the first place: 4228 residents of this country purchased Turkish property. Saudi Arabia (2704 properties) and Kuwait (2130 buyers) followed Iraq with a large gap. Russia took the fourth place: 2036 people became owners of homes in Turkey. The fifth place was taken by the UK - 1054 residents purchased Turkish real estate.

Istanbul traditionally had the greatest popularity (7493 objects). And Antalya is the second popular destination. 6072 foreigners bought homes there. 1501 objects were bought in Bursa.

Property and foreign currency: what is better to invest into?

Wise investment brings good profit and during the crisis time it can save the investor's funds and protect them against inflation. The Turkish Institute of Statistics (TÜİK) is monitoring different investment options and financial return. According to the Institute, investments into foreign currency especially in dollar turned out very profitable last year. Investors received the largest profit in the first six months of 2015. The profit was 27%. The next six months were less profitable - only 18%. The only disadvantage of these investments is the risk, the currency volatility.

Those who decided to invest into Turkish property received good dividends. In such areas as Istanbul, Antalya gain from a real estate purchase turned higher than dollar profit. Statistics of the Central bank points to 30% profit. Another profitable way to improve financial situation is to rent out property by the sea. According to the experts, income from the rental is always higher than rates on deposits. Besides, this kind of investment protects against economic instability because of the constant growth of property prices which continues even during the crisis time.

The first term of property taxes payments in Turkey is approaching

To attention of all Turkish property owners!

From March 1 to May 30, real estate owners in Turkey must pay 50% of property tax. We remind you that the second part of the sum is to be paid within the period from September 1 to November 30.

The tax sum is 0.2% from the cadastral property price. It is stated in TAPU. Usually the sum mentioned in TAPU is much smaller than the real price.

There are several ways to pay the tax:

  • in the city or district administration where the property is located;
  • in the Emlak Vergisi office;
  • with a credit card via

The government of Turkey will allocate 85 million dollars for tourism support

85 million dollars or 225 million Turkish liras is the sum that the government of the country included into the state budget to support the tourism sphere. Besides investments, the government offered a number of measures aimed at development of tourism.

Some of measures will affect both local and foreign tour operators. Those who are having financial difficulties will be offered some concessions, the revision of debts. Some of debts will be written off and some tour operators will be offered dept payment rescheduling.

A system of bonuses for attraction of tourists is also offered. So if a company sends a plane with tourists to Turkey, it will be paid 6000 dollars. The tour operators which sell 400 thousand tours, will get 33 million dollars that they will be able to spend on credit repayments.

One more airport will be built in Antalya

According to the Ministry of Transport, one more airport will be built in Antalya. The reason of this decision is the excess of passengers in the airport. Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations where millions of tourists go every year, therefore it was decided to increase the tourist traffic of the resort.

The new airport will be constructed in 200 km from Antalya between Kash and Demre. The construction works will start already in 2016 because all project works have already been done. The additional advantage of this project is a reconstruction of the Finike-Kalkan road. This road will reduce the distance between Antalya and Kashe by 19 km.

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