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Property sales statistics in Turkey in February: what changed

Property sales statistics in Turkey in February: what changed

Foreigners continue to invest in Turkish real estate. The data provided by the Turkish Institute of Statistics shows that the number of property sales increased by 15.8% in February, comparing with the same period last year. Last year in February, 1369 properties were bought and this year 1585 people became the owners of Turkish housing.

Besides the number of sales, the structure of sales changed as well. Istanbul is still the sales leader. 555 foreigners bought property here. Antalya (328 housings) and Bursa (141 housings) are among top three destinations. A great increase of sales is observed in Trabzon which is located by the Black Sea. The number of sold items grew by 313% there.

The ratio of buyers also changed. Most people who wanted to buy apartments in Turkey came from Iraq. The residents of Iraq bought 365 properties which is 23% of total sales. Iraq is followed far behind by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The residents of these countries bought 159 and 158 houses and apartments respectively. Then come Afghanistan and Russia. Russians bought 88 Turkish houses and apartments in February.

How much will public transport cost in Alanya?

One more change expected the residents of Antalya who use public transport in March. After the use of special cards was launched on March 1, the tickets costs increased. Since March 24, the cost of public transport increased by 30 kurus in Antalya. Now a general ticket costs 2.10 TL, for students - 1.35 TL, for pensioners and teachers - 1.5 TL.

The transfer system also underwent some changes. If you make transfers within one hour and even the same route, you will have to pay one lira. The same is for the third trip within two hours.

The growth of the fare is expected also in Alanya. It will happen on April 15. A ticket will cost 1.75 TL, students will have to pay 1 TL, pensioners and teachers - 1.5 TL. You can still pay with cash so far, not with a card.

Who will own 1300 Turkish hotels?

Those who wanted to have a business in Turkey now have a great opportunity to do so. The Turkish hoteliers worried by the economic and political problems in the country are ready to sell their business. This tendency can be observed in the Aegean and Mediterranean resorts.

It is already known about 1300 offers on hotel sale. Their total capacity is 153 thousand people. Approximate revenue from the hotels sale can be around 10 billion dollars. According to the real estate experts, the reasons are hoteliers' debts to banks and the reduction of foreign tourists flow which has lead to decrease of bookings.

A large part of hotels are situated in Antalya province. 410 hotels (among them 120 five-star hotels) are for sale. But despite the current situation, Alanya and other Antalya resorts have not lost their tourist attractiveness, especially for tourists who prefer to travel on their own. They still come here and rent property in Alanya and its suburbs.

The construction of the third Bosphorus bridge is about to be completed

This bridge is 1408 meters long and is named in honor of Ottoman Sultan Selim I. And it is probably the biggest bridge which was constructed so quickly. Its construction began in May 2013 and it goes at very rapid pace for 24 hours. Only 55 meters and final works on construction of decking, connection tunnels, roads and junctions left to be finished.

The third bridge was designed to reduce the traffic through the current bridges in Istanbul. The bridge will carry four motorway lanes and one railway line in each direction. It will become a part of the transport system which will connect the city with the international Istanbul airport.

Turkish Disneyland will appear in Antalya

Tuncay Kilit, a deputy administrator of Galeri Kristal, a subsidiary of the Crystal hotel chain, announced about the construction of a theme park. The company stated the information about this project when they bought the land plot of 70 hectares.

Previously this plot belonged to a Turkish hotel - Mardan Palace. Telman Ismailov, the former owner of the plot, will take part in the implementation of the project as an investor. The first money for construction has been already received. The sum is 400 million dollars. A well-known in the entertainment industry American company Forrec will be also involved in this project.

Construction will be done in three stages and the opening of the park is planned for 2017. The creators of the project expect that the Turkish Disneyland will be the biggest in Europe and will work all year round attracting a lot of tourists to the country.

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