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Property management: how it works in Turkey

Property management: how it works in Turkey

When you buy an apartment in Alanya you become a sole and absolute owner of property on the Mediterranean coast. It is a very important point in Turkey, because a property owner can manage the property as he or she wishes, including management of expenses for housing maintenance.

How do people usually do it in Turkey? It is usually done at the general meeting of owners. It is called a complex management (Site Yönetimi) and each property owner must take part in it. Complex management includes a management board and a manager. They can be chosen by a developer or at the meeting of the property owners. Only owners of apartments in the residential complex can be elected for the board, and the manager can be any person or a company. A year later they will re-elect the board at the annual meeting, which is usually held in January. In addition, the owners discuss expenses for housing maintenance and plan the additional expenses for the next year. Maintenance costs and personnel costs (accountant, caretaker) will form the size of aidat.

If you want to influence the sum of aidat, you should take part in the meetings. You will get an official invitation, and even if you rent out your property, you can send a person empowered to act for you.

A leisure centre for children was opened in Mahmutlar

Now to rent apartments in Mahmutlar, Turkey for families with children is even more profitable and attractive. A new Rainbow centre was opened for children in Mahmutlar on June 27. This is a leisure centre where you can leave your children and go for a walk exploring Mahmutlar. You will have seven hours at your disposal. The centre is available from 10.00 to 17.00 for children of age six years and above.

You may not worry about your children: professional teachers will work with them, they will also be offered a plenty of educational and entertainment activities, so your children will have no time to feel bored. Besides fun games in the open air, your children will try their hand at art and theatre workshops, interactive games, study in a school for young businessmen, and will enjoy a disco party.

And the most important point is that your children will stay full. Two meals are offered during the day: a late breakfast and a lunch with a total cost of 20 liras per day. A stay itself in the centre will cost you 15 TL.

Can foreigners get a mortgage loan in Turkey?

Property prices in Alanya are considered to be rather affordable for most countries. This is one of the reasons why this Mediterranean resort is so popular among foreigners. However, if you don't have the full sum of money to pay for the property, you can get a mortgage in a Turkish bank.

The mortgage system in Turkey is relatively new. It was launched in 2007, straight after the mortgage law for residents and foreigners had been adopted. You can use a mortgage loan to buy ready-to-move-in property, as well as property under construction (not less than 70% of construction works should be done and a developer must have ISKAN). It is also possible to buy housing at an early construction stage, if a developer has an agreement with a bank and they are reliable partners.

To get a loan you need to provide the following documents:


  • certified translated copy of a passport;
  • tax number that you need to get in Turkey;
  • translated and certified by a translator income certificate;
  • certificate of absence of credit debts, certificate on current bank accounts with balance details (not all banks require these documents);
  • copy of seller's TAPU (a document that proves the ownership of an object) and a copy of seller's passport;
  • copy of ISKAN of the building (you can get it from the developer).

The interest rate for foreigners varies from 6.5 to 9% per annum. The loans are issued for a period from five to 15 years.

A beauty contest is being held in Alanya

During July Alanya is hosting a beauty pageant "Miss Alanya-2016 Slavic beauty". The first stage of the contest will last till July 25. During this period you can vote on-line for the participant you like. Any girl of age from 18 to 35 years can become a participant, no matter where she lives. Ten girls, who get most votes from the internet users and official jury, will pass through to the final stage of the contest, which will end with a fantastic show on July 30. This day the name of the winner will be announced.

The organizers of the contest have quite ambitious goals. They expect that this project will become a real hallmark of the town demonstrating calm and safety from the official authorities and business towards foreigners who buy property in Turkey. They want to show that Alanya can become their second home. With a help of this event, they plan to promote healthy lifestyle, investment attractiveness of this region and to strengthen a positive image of Turkey in the international community.

The participants and especially the winners will have a chance to implement their plans and become successful and recognizable persons in the town.

The second part of July is marked by UNESCO in Turkey

Within 10 days, from 10 to 20 July, the UNESCO Committee was working in Istanbul. That was its 40th session. Lale Ülker, the Director General for Overseas Promotion and Cultural Affairs at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was the chairperson.

This year the Committee considered 27 objects claiming to be added to the World Heritage list: 14 of them were cultural objects, nine - natural and four - mixed.

It is worth reminding that there are already 15 World Heritage sites in Turkey. One of them is an ancient city Ksanf which is located in Antalya. And such Antalya sites like Karian Cave, St. Nicholas Church in Demre, Alanya, Kekova Island, the Termessos national park, the ancient Lycian cities, and other Turkish sites (in total 52) are candidates for addition to this list.

Now you can see these masterpieces of human creative genius, remarkable natural phenomena and very distinctive landscapes which are of extraordinary aesthetic importance with your own eyes. Visit and explore Turkey, and we will help you to rent cheap apartments in Alanya for any term.

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