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Property and tourism news in Turkey

Property and tourism news in Turkey

Turkey foreign housing sales are expected to increase by 6% in 2016

Turkish experts expect that the number of foreign property sales will increase by 6 percent in 2016.

According to the Turkish Institute of Statistics, almost 23 000 houses were sold to the foreign nationals. And the Istanbul Construction Association notes that foreign investors invested over 5 billion dollars in real estate in 2015.

This year, the Association of Real Estate Investment Companies in Turkey (GYODER) predicts that the foreign real estate market will grow up to 5-6 percent.

For the last few years, Turkey became very popular country with foreign property buyers, especially among the countries of the Gulf region, the UK and other European countries. This fact can be explained by the currency situation in Turkey. The national currency has lost its positions against the American dollar and British pounds.

The foreign investments in Turkish property are also expected to grow. It is noted that Turkey must focus on commercial real estate to attract capital from Arabian countries.

Turkey attracts Gulf-based property investors

According to the latest data from the TurkStat, foreign citizens purchased over 22 thousand housing options in 2015. The residents from the Arabian countries are the top buyers. Almost half of the acquisitions were made by the citizens of Gulf countries.

On January 31, 2016 the Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmed Davutoglu, had a meeting with Saudi businessmen and the executives from the leading companies of the Gulf countries. At this meeting, the Prime Ministers stated the importance of close cooperation. According to Davutoglu, the collaboration in the construction sector will be mutually beneficial. He also added that new reforms which were designed to attract foreign investors were already put into action.

Virtual city tour in Alanya with 3D guide

Now before going to Turkey on holidays or for a permanent staying you can go on a virtual tour. Now only people who are going to visit Alanya have such opportunity. The municipality of Alanya developed this service for travelling online. It is absolutely free and is available on the official site of the city administration. Using this service, the tourists can find new interesting places and those who decided to buy property in Alanya can get to know the city and find the location of their new apartment or villa.

The virtual city tour allows to see the panoramic views of the city, its main sights and even to enjoy virtual excursions. The panoramic views will be constantly updated to provide actual information.

Nursing rooms will appear in Antalya

The residents of Antalya noticed new rooms with images of nursing mother in the busy places of the city. These are the rooms for nursing and taking care of children. This is very important innovation for breastfeeding mothers.

When they walk or go shopping with their children, very often they need to feed them. And in these rooms they can feed their babies, have a rest, change a diaper and get some useful information on taking care of children. These rooms are designed for one or two mothers and are equipped with everything necessary for hygienic procedures. There is a swaddling table, a washing facility, an armchair for feeding, a TV set showing educational films for young mothers. The atmosphere is very comfortable and meets all sanitary standards.

The rooms are available only if you have a special card. You can get this card in the Child Care Centre.

Ancient Christian church was found underground

Archaeologists continue to explore the underground city which was found in 2014 close to Cappadocia. One of the most interesting objects was found during excavation works. That was an ancient Christian church.

It has been explored partially, only its vault was opened. Several frescoes were found. You can see the scenes of Ascension, the Last Judgment, apostles, saints, and the prophets Moses and Elijah on the paintings. And the archaeologists say that such frescoes have never been found before. They are dated back to the fifth century AD.

The church is not the only building in this underground city which is considered to be one the largest cities of that time. Besides this church, other buildings and long (seven km) tunnels were found. This area bordering the reserves of Cappadocia will be one of the tourism spots and the church will be one of the main centres of Christian pilgrimage in Turkey.

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