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More than a 100 sand sculptures were presented at the tenth Sand Sculpture Festival in Antalya

More than a 100 sand sculptures were presented at the tenth Sand Sculpture Festival in Antalya

It has already become a tradition to hold the Sand Sculpture Festival in Antalya. This is an international event and this year it is already the tenth one. The place and the time of the festival is the same for already several years. The festival opens in the middle of May and lasts till October. But the organizers of the festival said that they would try to make it year-round.

You can enjoy the sculptures on the site of the SandLand beach center in Lara. No matter where you stay in Antalya, you can get to the exhibition from any area using bus No. 8. It runs from Konyaalti to Lara.

The theme of the tenth festival is 14 wonders and myths of the world. The exhibition presented more than a 100 sand sculptures to the visitors. 26 sculptors from 12 countries were sculpting them for more than a month. The visitors will get an unforgettable unique experience. In addition, they will be able to try creating a sculpture themselves, as well as watch a documentary film about this kind of art and the previous festivals.

Make a profitable investment by buying property in Kestel

However, the prices of property in Turkey are increasing steadily, it is still possible to buy cheap apartments in Turkey. Construction works are actively being held in Kestel, just seven kilometers from Alanya. Besides the fact that you can buy modern comfortable housing by the sea here, this region has investment prospects in terms of real estate. Both housing and land plots are sold here at rather low prices which will rapidly increase in the future.

What features does real estate in Kestel have? First, only low-rise buildings are constructed in this area. You won't find any building with more than five storeys. The most popular property here is villas and residential complexes with well-developed amenities. The second feature and at the same time an advantage is property proximity to the sea. The buildings are constructed on the first three lines. It is a real pleasure to wake up in your own housing by the sea, isn't it? Therefore, a lot of people buy property when it is only under construction.

Kestel is very popular among Germans, Dutch, Belgians, Russians and Ukrainians. Foreigners may feel absolutely comfortable here because the town has all necessary facilities: shops, markets and banks, facilities for children and for doing sport. There is even a branch of the Antalya University.

The construction of railway track Antalya-Eskişehir was launched

Turkey continues to develop railway service within the country. A large project which will connect the coastal area with the center of the country was started in 2009 when the first experimental track was launched.

And in the beginning of 2016, this project was revived. Construction of a track which will connect Antalya with Eskişehir was started. High-speed trains that will run along new track will minimize travel time between Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara, Konya and Cappadocia - places which are popular among tourists. It is planned to construct this track through Alanya, where a lot of tourists spend their holidays renting property by the sea.

The construction works will have been finished by 2023.

Real estate transactions in Turkey with a lawyer

If you want to buy a property in Turkey and receive profit from it, then you should think how to make this transaction: whether do it by yourself or with a help of an agency. Anyway you will probably need a lawyer. Buying property via an agency presupposes legal assistance by default.

Is it possible to do everything without a lawyer? It is up to you, but a lawyer can guarantee you transaction's security. First of all, a lawyer will carry out a reliable property examination:

he will check a property ownership certificate;

he will also check other basic documents;

he will find out if there are any mortgage, tax and other kinds of debts.

if the seller is a developer, he will check the building license as well.

After examination, the lawyer will make a contract of purchase and advance payment bearing in mind the interests of both parties and the Turkish legislation. The attorney will control all documents which are in Turkish, all payments only upon the power of attorney.

Buying property in Turkey with a lawyer, you do not need a translator or any other consultant. In addition, you save your time and protect yourself from any risks.

Nine new museums will be available for visitors in Antalya

The Minister of Culture of Turkey prepared a great leisure program in Antalya for locals and tourists. Nine new museums will open their doors to the visitors. After you rent a house by the sea, it is time to visit new sights.

The Antalya museum offers expositions about the city and its residents, nature and cuisine.

The museum of the Turkish and Muslim civilization in the Great Mosque has several exhibition halls. Their total area is 3000 m2 where you can enjoy expositions of archaeological finds and ancient monuments.

In the Necropolis museum you can find archaeological objects from the ancient Greek period.

The museum of nomadic tribes offers expositions of household items, clothes, arms and agricultural tools.

The local museum, which is located in Kepez, prepared expositions of rare local animals and plants and events dedicated to environmental protection.

In the Cinema Museum you will be able to visit expositions dedicated to the Antalya International Film Festival which will be held in October, 2016.

We also recommend you to visit the Ethnographic museum, the museum of the Eastern culture and the Mevlana museum.

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