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May statistics: property market still attracts foreigners

May statistics: property market still attracts foreigners

According to the Turkish statistics in May, Turkish property continues to be popular among foreigners. They still prefer to buy cheap apartments in Alanya or Antalya. This region became the second most popular destination after Istanbul in terms of property purchases. 407 property items were sold there, and 511 dwellings were sold in Istanbul. These regions are in great demand among foreigners. The top-5 popular regions also include Bursa (118 items), Trabzon (89 items), Aydin (88 items).

The top-5 of foreign buyers remains almost the same. Russians bought 121 properties. Afghanistan took the fourth place, the residents of this country purchased 125 properties. Saudi Arabia took the third place (160 items), and Kuwait - the second place (182 items). The residents of Iraq were the most active buyers. They purchased 193 housing options.

Locals also became more active. Thanks to them the total number of property sales increased by 6.4% over the year. In total 114 800 property options were sold in Turkey. 1 612 homes were sold to foreigners.

Most homes were bought at the secondary market (58 757 items), and 30% of buyers got a mortgage.

Turkish property sellers - who are they?

Apartments for sale in Alanya (Turkey) are one of the most popular and demanded areas of the property market concerning foreign buyers. Demand for Turkish real estate is rather high and there are also a lot of offers. There are a lot of reasons of such high interest to this country, monthly reviews of the Turkey's Statistics Institute give an image of property buyers, but who are the sellers?

There are several types of sellers in the Turkish property market:

  • local or private realtors - they usually work within one town with local buyers and if they are lucky they can make a deal with a foreign buyer. They can offer a good price, but you have problems caused by the language barrier;
  • tour operators - they are more intermediaries, than sellers. Their goal is to interest a client in buying Turkish property and then they send the clients directly to the seller receiving a certain part of the profit;
  • real estate agencies (including development companies) — they work without intermediaries selling their properties. It means that they are interested in selling and can give you all information about housing options and reduce the cost;
  • foreign agencies with branches in different countries — they have better conditions to work with customers, because they know them better and have offices in their countries;
  • multiple listing networks — these are internet services where different real estate agencies post information about their properties for sale. These agencies share property options with each other and get a certain commission for that. The size of this commission can be rather big.

Multivilla will be a reliable partner for you. We sell our own properties as well as of other sellers. Our company has offices in different countries in Europe.

Exploration of Syedra (Alanya) continues

Located between Alanya and Gazipasa, Syedra is a ruined ancient port city. Scientists say that it is about six thousand years old. It is a rather well-known tourist destination but ongoing archaeological research will be able to turn a new page in the history of this place.

A new archaeological expedition started its work on July 25 and will last till August 22. This information was announced by the head of the research group Birol Can. Alanya prefect Hasan Tanriseven noted that this expedition was very important. He also promised to help with the research so that this place would be available for tourists soon. He also mentioned that the walkways in Syedra were already constructed.

How do cats live in Turkey?

The Turkish Mediterranean coast is very popular among tourists. However, if you have already bored with beach holidays and explored all sights in the south of the country, you can go to the north, to the Black Sea. You can easily rent an apartment or a villa there. However, there are a lot of places to visit, our today's news is for cat lovers!

A "cat town" is being constructed in the Black Sea province Samsun. This is already the second stage of construction and it is planned to be finished by 2017. The current cat town has been opened since 2015 and there was a center for stray pets.

With an area of 10 thousand m2, this town is equipped with special wooden houses, playgrounds, bridges and swings for cats. 60 cats live here constantly and the whole centre can host up to 500 cats. All animals are sterilized and have special chips.

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