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Laid-back holidays with your family in Türkler

Laid-back holidays with your family in Türkler

Sandy beaches, lovely coves, mysterious caves have attracted people to Türkler for many centuries. Today this resort is popular among tourists with children, pensioners for comfortable climate, healing pine air and easy entry into the water. This resort town is only in 109 km from Alanya and 64 km from Gazipasa. Such location is very convenient for those who arrive at the Gazipasa airport. Besides, there is no problem with transportation: there are a lot of buses, dolmus, and taxis along Antalya-Mersin route.

This resort is also becoming rather popular among foreigners who are planning to buy a house by the sea. This is a young and prospective resort with developed tourist and other facilities. There are not so many sights, but you can easily spend all your time resting and relaxing on the beach. Children will be glad to visit the Sealanya water park and dolphinarium. History lovers and romantic persons will enjoy walking along pirate tracks and visiting local caves.

Opening of the bridge over the Dimcai River

At the beginning of 2017 first cars will be able to cross the bridge over the Dimcai River. It took one year to build a 190 meter bridge. Such fast construction works were caused by the strong need to connect the bypass road from Alanya to Gasipasa.

The new bridge will connect 12 districts of Alanya. This bridge will be road junction for the new bypass road which is very important for the region. Firstly, the road reduces the transport route from Alanya to Gasipasa making property in Alanya more attractive. Secondly, this highway will make the city free from transit and cargo transport.

And local authorities are showing a great interest in this project. So the AKP deputies, Alanya Mayor and Governor, and Antalya Governor took part in the foundation stone laying ceremony. And the bridge was built under control of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

Buy an apartment in Turkey, open an account in a Turkish bank

You are required to have an account in one of the Turkish banks when acquiring real estate in Turkey. The account is needed to pay for the purchase quickly and safely. And after that you will be able to use your account to pay for utilities, taxes or receive money when renting your apartment out. In addition, having an account in a local bank solves the problem with currency conversion and facilitates the process of obtaining a debit card which is very useful.

There are several banks in Turkey which offer their services to foreigners. For example, DenizBank, HSBC Bank, Kuveyt Turk and others. When choosing a bank, it is worth learning if a bank has partners in your country.

To open an account you are required to provide a set of documents including your passport, a document proving the address of your residence in your country or in Turkey if you have a residence permit and the most important is a tax number. You can get it in a local tax office.

It is very important to inform your tax authorities about the opened Turkish account. It is needed to remove restrictions concerning the transfer of money to foreign accounts.

Cutting-edge technologies for health services

Health care in Turkey attracts a lot of foreigners. Doctors offer high quality of service, modern technologies, a wide range of services and the government makes it available and affordable. So at the end of November a new "smart hospital" was opened. It is like a 5-star hotel if we compare comfort and quality of service.

Complete automation is one of its innovations: doctors don't use paper and pens, instead of them, they use tablets, and relatives of seriously ill patients who are in intensive care, will be able to watch them via the Internet, while renting a flat in Antalya or Alanya.

There are 200 rooms for patients, intensive care unit for 72 people and 12 surgery rooms in the hospital. There will also be a burn center, a department for people with cancer. Angiography and open-heart surgery are available in the hospital.

According to the Minister of Health Care Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, the "smart hospital" in Kepez is the first one among other modern hospitals which will have been constructed by 2018. The Minister also added that new hospitals would be able to accommodate up to 95 thousand patients and compete with other counties developing health tourism.

Is it profitable to take a mortgage in Turkey?

The statistics of residential property sales in Turkey shows that almost 40% of buyers use mortgages. So why is this option so popular and can a foreigner get a mortgage?

Popularity of mortgage loans in Turkey is caused by low interest rates and a simple procedure of getting a mortgage. This service is available equally to locals and non-residents. The advantage of mortgage comparing with installments is that the housing you buy becomes your property and you get TAPU but it is pledged until full repayment of the mortgage loan. The next advantage is that the credit term is longer that the installment period.

And finally the last but not least advantage is interest rates. They are rather low comparing with other countries. Until recently, the interest rate was 7% and according to the last information, the rate can be reduced to 1%.

There also won't be any problems with documents required for a mortgage. A foreigner should provide a passport (original or foreign one), tax identification number, certificate of income and taxes for 12 months, asset declarations, certificate of absence of tax and utility debts and other papers confirming creditworthiness of the borrower upon the bank’s request.

Turkey has several banks offering mortgage services. According to the customers, one of the most popular and reliable banks is DenizBank.

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