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How to secure your housing in Turkey

How to secure your housing in Turkey

When you buy property in Turkey, you should think of home insurance. This is the only way to protect your home from any risks. Turkey is located in the earthquake-prone region, therefore it is compulsory to insure your commercial and residential properties against natural disasters (DASK). 32 companies have the right to insure within TCIP (the Turkish disaster insurance fund). These companies as well as TCIP are under control of the Treasury Department.

This mandatory insurance product protects from fire, explosions and collapsing ground that are caused by earthquakes. The calculation of insurance is based on the criteria: location according to the seismic activity map, type and materials of the building and the area of the property. Alanya is located in the area of low seismic activity, therefore insurance premiums are rather low: from 27 to 63 TL. The insurance amount is calculated on the basis of property cost mentioned in TAPU.

To be ensured to get full reparation, you should purchase voluntary insurance. Only private companies offer this type of insurance. Standard contract includes insurance against 15 risks. You can also insure you property against loss of income arising from renting it out.

Waldorf School opened in Alanya

The principles of Waldorf education became available in Alanya. The first Waldorf School in Turkey opened in Oba district on October 22.

Besides Orhan Demirtaş, the chairman of the board of Waldorf education fund, Tunahan Kasapoğlu, the deputy mayor of Alanya, Hüseyin Er, head of the education department in Alanya, and the project coordinator from the Antalya City Hall Hüseyin Güney took part in the official opening ceremony. The education system of this school will be fully focused on children. That was announced by Orhan Demirtaş.

It is worth noting that Waldorf system denies the idea of mass specialization in schools and follows the principal of natural development of children and is aimed to develop creativity of each student and enhance their self-esteem.

If you are into Waldorf philosophy, have a child of preschool and primary school age and you are going to buy property in Alanya, Turkey, you definitely should consider this option.

Work permit in Turkey as a way to get a residence permit

After a set of amendments to the Act on foreigners was adopted in 2014, work permit automatically became equal to residence permit.

We remind you that you can obtain a work permit in Turkey in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (Ankara). You should have a Turkish company which is ready to hire you. And this company must apply for the permit on your behalf.

Based on the approval of permit, the Turkish Embassy or Consulate located in your country issues you a work visa and they stamp your passport with this work visa. It is valid only for 90 days. You should enter Turkey within the period mentioned in your visa. As soon you do it, your visa becomes invalid and your work permit enters into force.

As for accommodation, there are plenty of options in Turkey. If you are applying to a large company, it can rent an apartment in Turkey without intermediaries for you. You can also find suitable housing for rent or to buy on your own if you plan to stay in Turkey for a long time.

We would like to remind you that some changes in the criteria for issuing work permit are working till the end of 2016. For example, the salary of a foreigner working in tourism industry or service sector can't be below the minimum wage. Besides, there is no special quota for companies providing jobs for at least 10 residents of the Turkish Republic.

Alanya has the best mayor

Alanya is not only the best holiday destination according to the Dutch tourist site It is also managed by the best mayor. This title was awarded to Adem Murat Yücel by the Association of civil servants of Turkey.

The contest of the best mayor takes place annually and this year it was held at the end of October. 46 candidates participated in the contest. The winner was chosen with a help of voting. Politicians, mass media representatives, cultural figures voted for the best mayor in the country. Adem Murat Yücel was elected unanimously for successful management and development of the city.

He became the mayor in April, 2014. Since that time, the city changed and became much better. All suburbs of Alanya: Mahmutlar, Kestel, Tosmur, Oba, Konakli and others have become the districts of the city. Alanya mayor takes an active part in cultural and sporting life, development of transport and social facilities, takes care of people with disabilities and of different religions.

Treehouse or beach villas for rent in Alanya?

You have decided to go to Turkey on vacation? Try a hotel on a tree. Today this type of accommodation is very popular, especially among backpackers. You can find not only apartments on the trees, but also cafes and even restaurants.

The first treehouse in Turkey was constructed 30 years ago in the village of Olimpos near Antalya, in the national park. This is a hostel for tourists with different levels of income. In Altinyaka you will find a lovely house of aunt Melahat where you will be offered homemade pastries and interesting stories.

The advantage of such houses is that they are located in green area and it is always a great pleasure to spend holidays there. If you are into active holidays and outdoors sports: rock climbing, bicycling, jogging, canoeing - these options are at your disposal.

If you are a beach holidays lover and prefer excursions, comfortable accommodation, contact Multivilla. We will help you to save on renting a flat in Turkey by the sea. You will get housing at a reasonable price, decent accommodation, and legally clear transaction.

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