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Have a great vacation in Turkey renting an apartment: it is cheap and comfortable

Have a great vacation in Turkey renting an apartment: it is cheap and comfortable

Are you going to spend your vacation in Turkey? More and more tourists prefer to rent property in Turkey by the sea. You can rent them in any resort - it is a rather cheap option, and accommodation conditions will be much more convenient than in any luxury hotel. You can contact a real estate agency in Turkey. It will guarantee you a legal clarity of a deal. Even in case of a short-term rent, you will get a rent agreement that will be your insurance.

Payment options

You can pay with a cash-free payment as well as with cash. Both options are acceptable but it may be rather difficult to prove the payment is done in case of the second option. However, if you work with an agency such situation will hardly occur. Otherwise, try to get a document from a lessor that he received money.

Where to rent housing?

If you plan to go on holidays in summer, you can rent a house by the sea. Of course, apartments on the first and the second lines are in great demand. And they will be more expensive. If you are not a big fan of beach holidays then you may choose apartments in the city centre with all facilities or in the area close to the mountains where you will be able to enjoy unique picturesque landscapes and healthful air. The rent will vary depending on the location, type of an apartment, housing conditions. Multivilla offers various accommodation options at favourable conditions because we are both a real estate agency and a development company.

Turkey expects the increase of tourist flow thanks to the development of health tourism

Health tourism is a sphere that has been attracting tourists to Turkey since 2005. This kind of tourism provides a constant flow of holiday-makers which it is planned to increase up to two million people by 2023.

That was stated by Meri Istiroti, the Chief Executive of Turkish Medical Tourism Development Association. According to Istiroti, today Turkey receives a high income from this sphere and it is used to improve the quality of services. This fact allowed Turkey to become the third country after the USA and Germany in terms of number of medical tourists. It is planned to increase the investments by twenty billion dollars by 2023.

Highly qualified specialists, high quality of service and low prices comparing with the US and Europe attract a lot of foreign tourists. The development of health tourism also increases the demand for property rentals in the country which stimulates development of the local property market.

Can you buy property in Turkey without a realtor?

Saving money is the reason why people refuse to use real estate agency's service in Turkey. Sometimes prospective buyers are lucky to find property in Alanya, which agencies offer, and to buy it on their own. Searching for housing options, booking tickets to Turkey and accommodation for your staying in Turkey, making an agreement - all these are just a part of the housing buying procedure.

What difficulties may occur?

The first problem is the lack of language skills. Several phrases in Turkish, fluent English or a Turkish friend will be enough only in the beginning. But it will not be enough for business negotiations.

The second problem is legal incompetence. Real estate purchase is a big decision and it requires legally correct registration. Only experienced lawyers can see risk points of the agreement. A lawyer should also be aware of immigration and housing construction legislation.

The third possible problem is the lack of time for making an agreement. In some cases personal presence is not required but you will need to find a person who will do it for you. Who is this person? Probably it may be a realtor.

What to do?

If you want a reliable property option, you should go to a real estate agency which provides a complex of services including selection of property, assistance in making a deal, and after-sales services. In Multivilla you will find both an agency and a developer.

Will Turkey abandon the all-inclusive system?

It is possible that in the nearest future Turkey will reduce the number of hotels providing all-inclusive system or it will abandon it at all. This idea was already suggested by the former Minister of tourism and culture Mahir Ünal. And recently the TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) president Başaran Ulusoy offered to gradually eliminate the all-inclusive system.

According to Başaran Ulusoy, the system is becoming unprofitable for hotels because it requires high costs. But the hotels can't increase their prices because this type of accommodation is a budget holiday option.

To develop the tourism business he offered to focus on the Middle East tourists and to develop halal tourism. Another point is to extend a tourism season up to 12 month. If Ulusoy's ideas are accepted, the demand for property rentals in Turkey by the sea will increase.

12 new playgrounds were opened in Alanya

Playgrounds and sports grounds are one of the priority areas for Alanya's infrastructure development. This development is under control of Adam Murat Yucel, the mayor of the city. This initiative is welcomed by locals and guests who rent property there.

The Municipality of Alanya controls the development of parks, recreation areas, playgrounds. The already existing playgrounds are being repaired and modernized. And new recreation areas are being built as well. For example, 12 new playgrounds have been opened recently. Besides special game complexes, there are also trainers and other sport equipment on the grounds. Most of them are located along the promenade. And they are free. New parks for children are available for disabled children as well.

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