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EXPO 2016: Antalya welcomes guests

EXPO 2016: Antalya welcomes guests

Antalya was waiting for this event for four years. And finally, the opening ceremony of the EXPO 2016 Antalya Horticultural Exhibition took place on April 22. The President of Turkey, the Prime Minister, the mayor of Antalya, heads of State and representatives of Governments of participating countries attended the ceremony. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Ahmet Davutoğlu continued to study the exhibition in a new express tram which runs from the exhibition to the city center.

On April 23, the exhibition opened its doors to all visitors. Besides the horticultural expositions, the guests watched the performances of Turkish stars, the air display team of the Turkish Air Force and in the evening they were able to enjoy the concern of the Turkish pop star, Sertab Erener.

Alanya presented three expositions. Each of them has its own theme: sericulture and silk industry, products made from the banana fiber and a garden model of historical sites of this region.

The exhibition will work till the end of October and it is expected that more than eight million people will visit the exhibition. During your staying in Turkey, you can rent an apartment in Antalya or stay in a hotel.

Six million old houses will be demolished in Turkey

Such plan was specified by the urban transformation project which arose as a result of insecurity and lack of earthquake resistance of old housing stock. 1200 thousand new properties will replace old ones. The program cost is estimated at 500 billion dollars and it expected that the program will have been completed by 2023.

What is the role of the state in this process?

First of all, the state commission, which includes seismologists, scientists, representatives of the Housing Development Administration, makes a decision on demolishing of housing if it fails to meet the seismic resistance requirements. The residents’ agreement for evacuation is not required. And if a building is determined as emergency, it will be disconnected from utilities. It is probably impossible to live without electricity, running water and gas, therefore the residents of such houses are interested in getting new housing. People who lost their homes live in rental houses during construction. In this case, the rent is partly paid by the state or residents are offered other housing options.

Permanent residence in Turkey: where to study

Buying a home in Turkey gives you privileges in terms of getting a long-term residence permit and it is also a profitable investment. What other opportunities do foreigners have moving to Turkey? Today we want to speak about getting a higher education in Turkish universities.

The Turkish legislation gives foreigners a right to education. To study in Turkey, you need to provide an equivalency certificate of your high school diploma and pass an entry exam (YÖS). It consists of two parts: the first one is a test of basic knowledge and the second one is a test of written Turkish. The certificates of international exams will be an advantage. Usually this is enough but you should keep in mind that since 2010 the Turkish universities may set their own requirements.

Benefits of education in Turkey:

  • rather cheap cost of education comparing with other European universities. So education in Turkish will cost you $240-750 and in English - $450-1500;
  • availability of education material - you get all textbooks and additional material is available in the Internet;
  • education course varies from two to six years depending on the chosen specialty;
  • education system is based on tests which you need to pass four times a year.

And if you have an apartment in Turkey, the cost of education becomes lower, because you do not have to pay for a dorm and for rented home.

Crisis - is it a reason for a foreigner to sell property?

Every country has political and economic crises. These spheres always develop depending on each other. And today a lot of foreigners who have property in Turkey are concerned about the current situation in this country. What should they do and how not to lose money invested in property? Actually, crisis is not a reason to panic and take any rash actions. The owners of Turkish properties have at least three options to choose.

  1. Selling property in Turkey. This option is possible but it is not rather beneficial because of low demand and low real estate prices as the result. But if the property price has increased, you can compensate the former costs and receive proceeds from the sale.
  2. Buying real estate. It is a right moment for buying real estate because of large number of offers and as a result low prices. If you have spare money, it is worth considering this option for the future. The crises end someday.
  3. Leave everything as it is. Wait out the crisis, it is not endless. If you reside in Turkey permanently, continue enjoying the sea, the sun shining, and good weather. If you use your housing only for holidays, do not worry. You can visit Turkey any time. And if you do not have such opportunity and you can't rent out your property, then just wait. In any case, property is an investment that will gain profit sooner or later.

Visit Alanya, the best holiday destination

The high holiday season is coming and you need to plan your holidays. The Mediterranean resort is a comfortable and rather affordable region. And this year, Alanya became the best holiday destination according to the annual tourism exhibition which takes place in the Netherlands.

The winners were determined taking into account the opinion of users of the website, where they could take a survey. About six thousand people voted. Alanya got 8.6 points at the maximum 10 points.

The award was given to the exhibition participants and when they went back to Alanya, they gave the award to Adem Murat Yücel, the mayor of the city. The mayor stated that it was a great honor to receive this award and it would stimulate to keep a high level of hospitality and comfortable accommodation facilities, whether they were hotels or apartments in Mahmutlar.

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