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Donald Trump’s son visited Antalya

Donald Trump’s son visited Antalya

The son of the elected US President, Donald Trump Jr. visited Antalya.

Young and successful businessman, vice-president of «The Trump Organization», which specializes in the development, mergers and acquisitions, came to Turkey for hunting and recreation after a campaign of his father. It is no secret that the US new President’s sons are known for their passion for hunting tigers, caribou and other large animals. Before the hunting in Turkey Trump Jr. received a hunting permit from the Office for the Protection of Wildlife and National Parks of Turkey.

It is known that the President's son does not like to appear in public and give interviews. His arrival to Antalya was no exception. He did not stop in luxury hotels, but instead chose to overnight in houses of rangers in the forests of Finike.

During three days spent in Turkey the American businessman shot two mountain goats and except for hunting, he also managed to go fishing. However, all the fish he had caught was immediately released into the water.

Donald Trump Jr. was very pleased with spending time in Turkey, and after he flew from Antalya Airport to Germany.

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