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Andy Warhol’s works in Antalya

Andy Warhol’s works in Antalya

The Antalya Culture and Arts Center is hosting the exhibition titled “Pop Art for Everyone”. It includes the works of the famous Andy Warhol from Slovakia’s Zoya Museum. At this exhibition you will be able to see 47 famous works including “Campbell’s soup”, “Cowboys and Indians”, “Endangered Species” and “Flowers” and the portraits of well-known figures.

The exhibition will work till September 25. It is located on the site of the former Antalya Trade and Industrial Chamber building. It is expected that the exhibition and the Culture and Arts Center itself will bring more tourists to the city center.


How to organize budget holidays in Alanya?

The forthcoming high season in Alanya makes people think how to spend it comfortably and not too expensive. Renting apartments in Turkey, especially in the resorts of Antalya province, has always been a good alternative to the hotels.

What property can you rent in Alanya and how much will it cost to have holidays in April, 2016? Let's start with property. The tourists are offered a great choice of all kinds of housing. From different types of apartments, small studios to luxury penthouses, and spacious villas with gardens and private pools in the yard. When renting a property, you can feel at home. There you will find absolutely everything needed for a comfortable staying: a private bathroom, a fully-equipped kitchen where you can cook everything you want, all household appliances. Besides, Turkish properties have rather large areas. It means that you can rent it with your friends or relatives. The price is usually shown for an apartment, therefore if you divide the sum for each person, it will be rather cheap. And when you cook yourself, you can also save some money and vary your menu. Fruits, vegetables, and sweets are rather cheap in Turkey. There won't be any problems with entertainments as well. All facilities in the residential complex are in common use, and villas have their own facilities.

So the most important issue is how much it will cost to go to Alanya on your own and what the price will include.

Return tickets from Europe to Turkey will cost about 200 euros. Transfer from Antalya to Alanya will cost from 25 to 65 euros depending on the transport. And transfer from Gazipasa will vary from 5 to 40 euros. You can rent 1+1 apartment in Alanya from €12 a day. Plus, you should add food and entertainment costs. So you can see that it is rather affordable comparing with other European resorts.

The unified pension system will be launched in Turkey

Turkey adopted a new law concerning the pension system. According to this law, pensioners will become participants of the unified pension system. Now the accounting and accrual of pension payments will be done automatically. The system will be launched in several steps. First of all, the employees above the age of 50, who work in Turkey, will be included in the register. The information on people who get the job for the first time will be also sent to the register.

With this new pension system, the employers won't have to pay any contributions. These contributions (100 TL) will be made automatically to the pension fund from the employee's salary. There is still no information, whether the other categories of working residents will be included.

How to get property in Antalya if you do not have enough money

Turkish real estate does not need advertising. It attracts a lot of people, especially to Antalya, which can be proved by the sales statistics. The number of people who are willing to buy a house in Antalya is still very high. The only thing which can stop you from buying is a lack of money.

However, it is not the reason to forget your dream. There are some ways to reduce the cost. Besides, you can always get a mortgage. Many developers, including our company, offer lower property prices if you buy property at the early construction stage. As a rule, you can get interest-free installments (we offer 5-year installments) and an assistance in getting a mortgage in partner banks.

Our customers can go to Denizbank which offers a wide range of services. The main advantage of this bank is that you can buy ready-to-move properties as well as houses under construction, choose currency, take a loan in your country and get money in Denizbank. And the interest rate is only 0,7% per month depending on the currency of the loan, for a 10 years term.

New route for EXPO visitors

Only a few days left before the opening of the international exhibition EXPO-2016 in Antalya. Almost all preparation works have already been done and now the new projects are being tested. For example, a new tram route to the exhibition was tested on April 2. And on April 4, two new Hyundai tram trains went out on a test trip. There will be 18 such new tram trains by the end of the year. These trains cost 100 million TL.

As for the route, it was a bit changed. And now there are two separate lines with a transfer station in Meydan. The second route will go through the airport. It was said that 150 million TL will be spent on planting trees along the route and development of facilities, tram stops and etc.

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