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Alanya received 73 Blue flags

Alanya received 73 Blue flags

In 2016 Alanya has improved its environmental performance which is proved by the increased number of Blue flags. Now 73 Alanya beaches (66 beaches last year) meet high standards of water and clean coastlines.

All countries with developed beach tourism are battling for this international award. There is even an official rating of countries having the largest number of Blue flags. Turkey has taken the second place after Spain in 2016. It has 588 clean beaches. And Turkey has 422 beaches. There are also two Black Sea beaches in this list: Fener and Sheraton Grand Samsun. Now you can spend your holidays at the Black Sea as well. As far as buying property at the Black Sea is prohibited for some countries, there is a great option to rent a house at the Black Sea.

How to register employment relations in Turkey?

If you are thinking about buying an apartment in Turkey in Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul or any other city for a permanent residence, then you might have already thought about working there. Of course you can launch your own business or you can get a job.

Here is the information on how to register employment relations properly. The Turkish legislation obliges to have an employment agreement or labor contract. However, there are no special requirements for it.

For example, the contract will be valid even if it is done orally under agreements and for an indefinite period. If the contract is for a certain period exceeding one month, then a written contract is obligatory. Tax liabilities do not apply to employment agreements. This relaxation is intended to encourage parties to make this contract.

From a small village to a prestigious resort: Welcome to Mahmutlar

10-15 years ago Mahmutlar was one of the numerous coastal villages. Today it is a modern resort offering tourists to spend their vacations at the foot of Taurus Mountains.

A program of village modernization, a massive carefully planned and successfully implemented project preceded these changes. Multi-storey residential buildings and luxury complexes are being constructed and you can easily buy or rent an apartment there. The property price in Mahmutlar is lower than in Alanya and most of housing is located close to the sea.

New residential complexes and villas are constructed a bit far from the sea, they are closer to the mountains. Mahmutlar continues to develop thanks to construction of facilities. A large shopping center with numerous stores, cafes, restaurants, cinema, a bowling alley and even an ice rink is being constructed. A water park, new roads and highways are under construction as well. The climate and nature of this area is perfect for summer holidays, therefore the number of tourists is tripled during this period.

113 Alanya enterprises received Orange flags

Alanya hosted a ceremony of awarding the best companies in food service industry with Orange flags for the thirteenth time. This award is a prize for enterprises that are operating within hygiene rules. The companies receive awards according to the results of unplanned checks of cafes, restaurants, food stores. A special commission of the Environment Department checks if the enterprises observe sanitary and hygienic requirements while working with food.

This year you can see Orange flags in 113 enterprises of Alanya. At the awarding ceremony, the mayor noted the increase of business responsibility, the development of modern technologies and corresponding facilities, as well as personal contribution of each employee. Developed facilities and high quality of services provided by food service enterprises is one more advantage for tourists who rent property in Turkey.

What mosques are worth visiting in Turkey?

Visiting mosques is one of the actively developing halal tourism trends. And Turkey can be rightfully called a country of mosques. There are plenty of them: simple and gorgeous, new and with a long history ones. You will need to rent a flat in Turkey for at least a month to see all of them.

We offer you 10 mosques which are must visit.

  • Ulu Camii or the Great Mosque in Diyarbakir is the oldest one in Anatolya. It was built during the Arab invasion from present-day Saudi Arabia. This fact is reflected in the architecture of the mosque. It is currently under reconstruction.
  • The Alaeddin Mosque in Konya is rather simple architecturally. It is a typical Turkish mosque with a dynastic mausoleum.
  • The Great Mosque and Hospital in Divriği is the UNESCO World cultural heritage site. This is the only mosque in Turkey with Heaven's Gate (it is open to the sky).
  • The Isabey Mosque in Selçuk is a large mosque with rich decorations. It combines the features of Seljuk and Ottoman architecture.
  • The Eşrefoğlu Mosque in Beyşehir is a large mosque with 42 wooden columns, a magnificent minbar and mihrab. A tomb of Seyfeddin Suleyman is in the mosque but you can't visit it. It is not available for tourists.
  • The Hüdavendigar Mosque in Bursa has numerous domes on its flat roof. This mosque is not typical for Turkish architecture. It looks like a Byzantine palace.
  • The Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul is a large mosque which can hold 5000 people. There you will find a Suleyman's and his wife mausoleum, a tomb of Mimar Sinan, the architect of this mosque.
  • The Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is on the UNESCO's World Heritage list. It was built by the same famous Turkish architect Mimar Sinan.
  • The Sultan Ahmed Mosque or the Blue Mosque is a very large mosque which stuns with its size. It can hold 35 thousand Muslims. It has six minarets, 260 windows, numerous arches, and marble columns.
  • The Shakirin Mosque in Istanbul is a rather new mosque. It was built in 2011 and has a rather unusual architecture. It was built by a female designer Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu. Three of the four mosque's sides are made of glass and it has a unique interior as well.

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