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4.5G is available in Turkey now

4.5G is available in Turkey now

On April 15, 2016 the speed of the mobile Internet increased by 10 times in Turkey. That was the day when the 4.5G technology was launched. About 4.5 million people could use it. It is expected that their number will have increased by seven million by the end of April.

But it is needed to develop the infrastructure first to achieve the maximum result from this technology. These are the plans of three mobile operators (Turkcell, Vodafone and Türk Telekom) which are going to invest 22.5 billion TL in this project. According to the head of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority, Omer Fatih Sayan, 4.5G technology is the fastest and the most effective today. With this technology, you can quickly search for the information you need, and download different files. But the main advantage is the opportunity to use new technologies which makes the use of 5G more real. Now people, who go on holidays and rent apartments in Alanya, will easily contact their friends and family and find different information very quickly.

How to buy a property in Turkey only for 20% of the price?

It may seem impossible. But actually, there is a way to save money and buy property in Turkey. We speak about acquisition of shared property. This option is perfect for those who prefer to spend their holidays in Turkey without living there permanently.

If you buy a shared property, then you do not have to search for rental options by the sea or book a hotel, because you have your own housing. In this case you have the same rights as a single landlord. You can rent out, sell, and pass it on. However, you should remember that a co-owner can do the same.

What is the economic advantage of such property purchase in Turkey?

  • You save money. You pay a part of a sum in accordance with your share. By default, a shared property is divided into five shares. You can buy an apartment sharing it with your relatives or friends, or you can buy your share and the construction company will own the other shares until someone will want to buy them.
  • You save money on its maintenance. Utility bills and other payments will be divided among the co-owners.

Will Antalya become Turkish Hollywood?

The development of cinema industry in Antalya as in Hollywood has been discussed already for two years. This issue was raised at the state level. The Minister of Culture and Tourism together with the Mayor of Antalya negotiated with the management of such leading film companies as Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures Corporation.

The American film companies lack shooting areas. And the prices are too high to buy them. Therefore they have to cooperate with foreign film companies. And Antalya offers really great terms for creating a film studio. The mayor of the city stated about 5000 ha area along the Bogacay River. If this project is accepted, then the American companies will get a new shooting area, possible tax benefits, and Antalya will get a new film studio, commercial and social facilities, and business investments in property in Turkey.

What should you know about property sales transactions in Turkey?

In order to avoid any problems while buying property in Turkey, you should pay attention to some peculiarities of sales transactions. It can be a rather complex process for foreigners. They do not know local legislation and do not speak Turkish. Usually they are limited in time because they do not live in the country permanently.

So, the first thing you should do is to find an experienced lawyer who can check your documents and the documents of the developer. It is important to note that the developer and the land owner can be two different persons. If a house is to be constructed by the land owner, then the construction terms can be unlimited, because the landlords need no construction contract with specific deadline. And if the construction is held by another company, they should keep a term which is mentioned in the agreement between the construction company and land owner. Otherwise, the developer will have to pay fines.

A purchase or sales agreement which is made by the real estate agency and certified by a notary should be also carefully studied. The agency represents the seller's interests because the seller pays for its services. In addition, this agreement does not certify a transfer of a property to the buyer. The agreement specifies the information about the property, the buyer and the transaction terms. And we recommend you to think over before listen to a dishonest seller who wants to lower the real price in order to reduce taxes.

And the most important point is to ensure that the documents are registered in the Cadastre office and the transaction is approved by the general staff of the Turkish Military Forces.

Turkish school canteens will offer only healthy food

The Turkish Ministry of Education decided that school canteens must sell only healthy food. Today a lot of children are suffering from fattiness and diabetes, the disease which may be caused by excessive weight.

Besides the sanitary-hygienic norms, the Ministry specified a list of food products which should be excluded from school canteens. Among these products are pastry, sweet sparkling drinks, concentrated fruit juices, chocolate, crisps, chips, food with guarana and caffeine.

So school canteens will provide only healthy food: vegetables and fruits, milk and yogurts, and cereals.

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