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The Turkish Penal Code

In 2004 a new version of the Penal Code in Turkey was adopted. This version contains the important changes which were aimed at modernization of the Turkish Criminal Code and making it Europe-oriented. New Penal Code had a great impact on the traditional Turkish way of life. The main changes are the following:


Family sphere

Couples who have only a religious marriage ceremony can get two-six months of prison sentence. Forced sex is tried as rape. A man can not abandon his pregnant wife. Otherwise, he will get from three months to one year of prison sentence. A woman has a right to have an abortion and the legal abortion time limit is 10 months.


Honor and incitement crimes

Life sentence is given for murders carried out in name of honor and the so called “incitement” murders.


Careless driving and air gunfire

Drivers who do not abide the traffic laws and that leads to the death of other persons can get up to 25 years of imprisonment. People who fire their guns into the air, for example after the wedding or a match and killing someone inadvertently can get up to 25 years of prison sentence.



The police officers, prison guards and other public servants can get from eight to 12 years of imprisonment in case torture is proven.


Insulting the Turkish nation or the Turkish government

According to the Article 301 of the Penal Code in Turkey, insulting Turkey and its nation or government is illegal and the punishment is from six months to two years of imprisonment.

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