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The Turkish Civil Code

The modern Turkish Civil Code is based on the Swiss Civil code and it was established in 1926 after the country became a democratic country. At the time, the Swiss Civil Code was one of the most progressive codes. The adoption of this code had a great impact on the country and the life of the citizens. It led to the break with traditional Muslim way of life.

The most important changes were held in the family legislation. According to the new Turkish Code, polygamy, a unilateral dissolution of a marriage by a husband and unequal division of estate between sons and daughters of a deceased were considered as illegal. All these changes were aimed at modernization of the Turkish society.

On November 27, 2001, a new variant of the Turkish Civil Code was established. The changes in the CC were caused by the changes in the social, economic, and other spheres of life in Turkey. The updated Code consists of 1030 articles. Now the spouses have absolutely equal rights and a minimum age for marriage is 18 years.

The modern Turkish Civil Code regulates all important spheres of life: family legislation, custom regulations, residence permits for foreigners, and other rights of the citizens who live in Turkey.

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