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Multivilla's guarantees

Every property deal requires special knowledge in legislation. If you want to buy property abroad, you should learn the laws of that country where you are going to buy property. You should also know the real estate market, the state and municipal authorities and their functions.

The “Multivilla” Company can provide you reliable legal support in buying property in Turkey. We have been offering real estate services for clients from Europe, Russia and the CIS since 2010. We realize that buying property in the foreign country is a challenging business, but we try to do our best to make it as simple and safe as possible.

"Multi" services for our clients include:

1. Up-to-date information. The information on all property on sale in Antalya is presented on the site. Our base is being constantly updated.

2. Professional advice. You will be supported by our specialists. You will have an opportunity to contact them 24/7.

3. Property viewing tour. You can visit all real estate objects, compare the offers and make the right decision. Our specialists will provide you transfer and accommodation during your stay in Turkey. They will show you variants that will suit your demands and will provide the detailed information on the deal. The only thing to do for you is to choose the date, book the tickets and let us know. When the deal is made we will compensate the tickets price.

4. Support in getting mortgage or installment for five years. The partnership with Denizbank, one of the leading lenders in Turkey, allows us to offer you the most favorable conditions in getting mortgage, payment by installment or opening an account.

5. Support in paperwork. Our specialists know what documents are needed to make the deal and where and when they should be presented.

6. Support in adaptation to the life in the new country. Buying property is only the first step to get a residence permit. A new house, an apartment or a commercial property should be adapted to the local realities, the water and electricity meters should be installed. We will provide the information on how to make payments for utilities, taxes.

Our guarantees:

1. 100 percent clarity of the deal. "Multivilla" is a Turkish company. It means that it is easier for us to check the legal clarity of the deal than for foreign real estate agents. One more point is that we have more than 10-year experience in this field which proves our competence in this question.

2. Support in registration of the property rights. The only document certifying the right of ownership of a property in Turkey is TAPU. To get TAPU you need to have certain documents. You can prepare these documents on your own or we can do it for you.

3. The legality of the transactions with foreigners. The Turkish government is loyal to the foreigners who buy property in Turkey. The laws that regulate the transactions with foreigners are constantly changing but still have some restrictions. We provide the most actual information and we rely on the following laws:
• the law № 5444 on "property purchase by foreigners in Turkey" enacted on January 7, 2006;
• the law № 2644 on "land ownership" enacted on July 3, 2008;
• the law № 2565 on "closed military zones and security zones";
• the acts of the Inheritance Law;
• the Aliens and International Protection Act which regulates getting the residence permit.

4. Absolutely transparent costs. All property costs and its maintenance are described in details on our website.

5. The accuracy of the information. All the property objects in our catalogue are real. A property viewing tour that we provide proves this fact.

6. Risk protection. Our company is insured. And it means that you take no risks.

Efficiency, legality, reliability – these are essential things for our business. If it is the same for you, contact us. Use the information from the «Contacts» section.