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The food issue is almost one of the most important during the trips, especially when you are going to the country with an excellent cuisine. Therefore, we paid attention to this issue while offering you the property viewing tour.

You will be provided free breakfast and lunch:

  • you will have a packet of food for breakfast in the apartment every day;
  • you will be offered a lunch in a Turkish cafe.

If you have any food restrictions, please tell us in advance.

As for dinner, you can choose it on your own. There will be a fully equipped kitchen in your apartment where you will be able to cook your favourite dishes. You can also go to a local cafe or a restaurant and try local dishes. Our manager assisting you will tell you where the food stores are, what cafes and restaurants to go to and how to behave.



In Alanya, you can buy food in small stores, in mini and supermarkets. But we recommend you to go to the supermarkets, because there is a wide range of food and other products. And besides, the prices are usually lower there.

Metro Cash&Carry is a well-known supermarket in many countries. It offers different products including pastries. If you want to have a romantic dinner with a bottle of wine, then buy it here, here is a great choice of wine and the prices are rather affordable. Please note that you need to get a pass to enter the supermarket. You can get a one-time pass when providing your passport.

Migros represents the Turkish supermarkets. Here you will find a wide range of food and drinks as well as their own pastries. The only disadvantage is that the prices are a bit higher than average.

Bim or A101 minimarkets are located in the residential areas of Alanya. They attract people by their low prices (20-30%). However, the product range is not very wide as in the supermarkets, but still you can buy the most necessary things here.

We won't name all cafes and restaurants in Alanya because there are so many of them. It is simply impossible to miss them. We will just tell you that besides the Turkish cuisine, there are Italian, French, Mexican, Indian, Japanese and other kinds of cuisines in Alanya.


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