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Procedure and Costs

Procedure and Costs

The procedure for acquiring property in Turkey with relevant costs. It will not be so difficult to go through the items in case you are being helped by a professional as Multivilla. Join us and never worry about it.


Registration costs

TAPU registration (The title-deed)

250 €

(depends on the value of the property, as specified in the TAPU)

Property acquisition tax (one-off payment)

4 % of the declared value

Interpreter service at the registration TAPU

200 € (unnecessary if Multivilla handles the transaction under a Power of Attorney)

Opening/obtaining the tax number

free of charge

Opening/obtaining the bank account

free of charge

Obtaining an İSKAN certificate (that the property is ready for occupation)

300 - 1000 €

Depending on location of the property

Water meter registration

150 €

Electricity meter registration

150 €

Notarized Power of Attorney

200 €

Further current monthly expenses in €UROS

Electricity cost, including taxes

0,13 € cent/kwh

Water cost, including taxes (depending on the usage volume)

0,03 - 0,13 € cent/м3



Monthly service charge payments for the maintenance of the house and its grounds

30 - 110 € amonth

Annual property tax (0,3 % of the cadastral value, specified in the title-deed. Can be paid twice a year–in May and November )

0,3 % € cent

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