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Personal experience: Life in Alanya

Personal experience: Life in Alanya

For ten years I have been living in Alanya, southern Turkey, and I've never regretted the decision to move here. What makes it so interesting to enjoy life here or in other places of Turkey? Of course it is the weather, if you ask the most residents here. More than 300 sunny days each year means 300 times waking up in the morning with the sunshine smiling in your face, this is something that has a positive effect on the mood, and it is healthy for the "old" bones. Don’t forget that you can swim in the see for almost 10 Months! But these reasons are still not enough to move to Turkey and start a new life. It should be the immersion in a new culture, learning a new language, live a stress free life with fewer rules but friendly and almost always helpful people around you. It is also very important to wish it truly deep in your heart, you need to have a strong will to discover this ‘’Big Turkey Museum’’ for yourself. Visit traditional Turkish restaurants and taste the famous dishes of the Turkish cuisine and learn to cook it for yourself. The roasted pork will be soon forgotten, and the daily food will become much healthier! Please don’t be afraid of paperwork, it is not as bad as often imagined. The Multigroup Team will help you with all legal issues if you think to buy or rent a property. In Alanya it is very important to have reliable contacts. So stop by and enjoy your time, I wish you all the best!

W. B.

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