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How we get to Turkey…

How we get to Turkey…

In summer 2004 we traveled for the first time to Turkey to take a vacation, we chose to do a week Cappadocia round trip, then we were in Belek to enjoy beach holidays for another week. From the very first beginning we was impressed from Turkey, beautiful landscapes, rich culture, blue sky, sun, always a warm sea and wonderful temperatures. The people we met were always friendly and helpful. On holidays end both of us could imagine to spend the rest of our lives here, but still this dream was a bit far away, unfortunately, we had to work in Switzerland.

In summer 2006 we traveled again for a holiday to Turkey, this time we were in Side and loved it.

In summer 2010, our plan was made, we finally want to emigrate to Turkey. We already spent a lot of time Home to make a Plan how we could live in turkey but our mind was made up. Our new Home should be in Alanya, warm temperatures and next to the sea. We traveled 2 weeks to Alanya and took an overview about the apartments in Alanya and its surrounding areas., What we saw, we liked very much, but we haven’t decided this time, first we would sell our apartment in Switzerland.

Then tragedy struck in fall 2010: I was sick, so sick that I wouldn’t be able to work in my profession any time longer, and to find anything else in my age was hopeless. I decided to let me retire early, we would go up earlier than planned to Turkey. In spring 2011, we sold our apartment in Switzerland, and moved temporarily in a small furnished apartment. We already grabbed 40 moving boxes for Turkey, we could store them in our new cellar, six months later, the adventure Turkey should begin. Our family and friends in Switzerland couldn’t understand that we want to move to Turkey, "What do you want there", "this is still a developing country", this and other rubbish we had to listen. But our plan was clear: we go to Turkey, forever. And we were happy, very happy.

In August 2011, we were flying one more time to Alanya to find definitely an apartment. Within 2 weeks, and many busy sightseeing, we found our apartment, a Duplex apartment on the top floor of a block in Avsallar, with wonderful views of the sea and the mountains. Early October we send a container with 72 moving boxes on a voyage and on November 25 it had come the day: one-way ticket to Alanya. We were a bit queasy already, would everything work out?

It worked, we were picked up at the Antalya airport by our rental car which we ordered, at night 1.30am we were in Avsallar.

For four years wow we have been living here in Turkey, and we are very happy to be here, our life in turkey is so much better than in our cool and expensive homeland. Almost always we have good weather, the summer are endlessly long and fantastically beautiful, the people here are really nice, everyone helps you if you don’t know how to carry on.

We have made friends and feel so comfortable that we event went for a visit to Switzerland. But every summer we get visitors from Switzerland and Germany. This spring, we will move to a part from Alanya, Cikcilli, we have found there a wonderful apartment, by Multi Group. It's very beautiful. We really feel good advised and save up with Multi Group, we can’t wait to move in. We want to live in the city, because everything is much better achieved in Cikcilli you can reach everything well by foot.

Jörg и Cristiane Spycher

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