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Working in Turkey

Very often foreigners who bought houses in Turkey are thinking about finding a job there. But it is not so easy as you may think. If you are willing to work in Turkey, you need first to obtain a work permit. You also should keep in mind that some professions cannot be practiced by foreigners. Legal and medical professions such as a dentist, pharmacist, and others can be practiced only by Turks. So, work opportunities that foreigners have are quite limited.

How to find a job in Turkey?

Before applying for a work permit you need to find a job. A lot of foreigners living in Turkey work in Turkish branches of foreign companies, foreign embassies, and etc. And the most popular among expats sectors of Turkish employment market are tourism and teaching.

Working in tourism sector is usually seasonal activity. There are a lot of job offers in high season which lasts from May to September. Language teaching jobs are available throughout the country. They are not paid very well, but it will be enough to survive. Here are some websites where you can look for teaching job options in Turkey:

  • ESL Employment
  • Total ESL
  • ESL Cafe
  • Tesall

Do not forget that you have to speak fluent Turkish to get a more or less good job. But even your fluent English does not mean that you will easily find a job in Turkey. Any employer will rather choose a Turk than a foreigner.

How to get a work permit in Turkey?

So, you finally found a job and signed a contract. Now you need to get a work permit. You can obtain a permit in the country you reside or in Turkey. When the applicants are applying for a work permit in the local Turkish Embassy or Consulate, they need to provide a signed application form and other required documents. And applicant's employer is to provide an online application submitting the required information and documents to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. In case of getting a work permit in Turkey, the applicants should submit the required documents to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, not the consulate.

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