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Property prices in Turkey

Property market in Turkey is considered to be one of the cheapest in Europe. Therefore, this destination is very popular among foreigners. Every year more and more people buy cheap property in Turkey. The most popular regions are Istanbul and the coastal line of Turkey, especially the Mediterranean resorts. As a rule, property here is more expensive than in the other regions. But its price does not depend on the location only.

What does the property price in Turkey depend on?

  • The distance from the seaside (real estate options on the first line are more expensive than on the second or on the third lines)
  • the type of housing (a villa or a house will cost about 100 thousand euros and a small apartment is possible to buy at 30 thousand euro price)
  • the property status (economy-class housing will be cheaper than the premium-class one)
  • number of floors (the prices of top-floor apartments are higher because of the beautiful views)
  • real estate market (the property under construction will cost less)
  • if there are any intermediaries (real estate agents) – when you purchase an apartment straight from the developer or its owner, you can get a good discount.

The "Multivilla" Company, a reliable Turkish developer, offers various housing options on the coastal line of Turkey available for buying and renting. Call our specialists for more details. They will be happy to answer all your questions.

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