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Living in Turkey

Working in Turkey

Living in Turkey Very often foreigners who bought houses in Turkey are thinking about finding a job there. But it is not so easy as you may think. If you are willing to work in Turkey, you need first to obtain a work permit. You also should keep in mind that some professions cannot be practiced by foreigners. Legal and medical professions such as a dentist,...

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Cost of living in Turkey

Holidays in Turkey Living in Turkey Turkey can offer you favorable environment and climate, comfortable accommodation, and affordable prices on food, clothes and other goods. As anywhere else, the cost of living depends on the location and your own preferences. The life in rural areas will be cheaper than in big cities. But generally, we can say that the life in Turkey is not very...

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Does buying real estate give right to its owner to get a legal job?

Living in Turkey Unfortunately, it does not. Buying an apartment or house by itself does not give legal right to work. But if you legally register your company here, being its owner or co-owner, you will have the full right to work in Turkey. In the future, you will also have the right to get Turkish pension (of course, if you regularly pay for your insurance). Or...

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