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Is it expensive to maintain the purchased property in Turkey?

If you have decided to purchase real estate in Turkey, be prepared not only to spend on the purchase, but also the annual costs for its maintenance.

All costs of the property maintaining can be divided into three groups:

  • taxes;
  • utility payments;
  • maintenance fee (aydat).

Property tax is paid each year. The amount of tax depends on the object and its cadastral value specified in Tapu:

  • residential - 0.03%;
  • commercial - 0.04%;
  • land without building permits - 0.02%;
  • land for construction - 0.04%.

The annual tax can be paid in two equal installments, in May and November.

Utility bills include charges for gas, water, electricity. The last two are paid once a month according to the readings of metres, which are set at registration of the property.

Since January 2014 three-phase electricity meters are set everywhere in Turkey, they are programmed for automatic change of tariffs depending on the time of day: the lowest prices from 22:00 to 06:00, and the highest - from 17:00 to 22:00. According to the old metres power consumption is calculated average daily.

The water supply is managed by the municipality. The tariff is set by each municipality, depending on the type of property. The payment is made on the meter for three tariffs depending on the amount of water consumed. In addition to the cost of the actual consumption of water the receipt also includes the VAT (8%), the tax on environmental protection (depending on the area), waste disposal (5% of the amount of water).

Not all areas in Turkey have centralized gas supply. Basically population uses tanks (volume - eight m3). It costs approximately 70 liras. One tank can last about four months if used only for cooking.

Fees for land-line phone and Internet are charged if there are these services, but they are not mandatory.

Maintenance fee is charged for keeping the common area of the complex in order. It includes gardening and cutting the lawns, pool cleaning, cleaning in the hallways, elevator maintenance, security, etc. The amount of payment is set at the General Assembly or by a management company, and an average fee is from 30 to 110 Euros per month.

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